• Dzemo said:

    love it! great job on capturing such natural expressions

  • Adam said:

    Truly astonishing.

  • Brian said:

    HAHA! Awesome wedding dude!! :)

  • Amanda said:

    Insanity. Including her dress.

  • Joe said:

    Wow!! This is amazing!!

  • Tomasz said:

    absolutely stunning ! WOW !

  • Nessa said:

    This wedding is so perfect even the trees are made of dreams. <3

  • Danny said:

    Is that 17 mile drive in California? These are some great photos from a beautiful wedding and her dress get out of her gorge!

  • Spectacular portraits. It looks like it was such a fun day!

  • tobiah said:

    LOVE this! love the ring shot, the colours the warmth! - second to none!

  • Those coastal shots are spectacular! Love everything that's happening in this frame:

  • Will Kim said:

    this is perfect. you captured their day perfectly!

  • Yolande Marx said:

    The variety of shots you get is really inspiring. Amazing images, as always!

  • Beautiful bride. Beautiful wedding. Beautiful images. Love.

  • Kenny said:

    I really like this set man. Awesome work!

  • Kendra & Eric,
    Awesome wedding reception!
    Thank you for hiring The Blue Breeze Band (Motown R&B Soul). Harold [[ ]]

  • Ruben Nuñez said:

    Those beach locations look really familiar! Is that in monterey? Love them!

  • Jon said:

    Amazing work mate, beautifully done.