1. KLC wrote:

    These are ridiculous.

  2. Lydia wrote:

    These are entirely incredible. love, love, LOVE the flower meadow ones! :)

  3. Wyn wrote:

    Here i am jusy dying over here from absolute beauty. So so happy for you Alex & Miranda!!! Benj, youve done nebrasak well. NEBRASKA FRIENDS!!!!

  4. Anja wrote:

    Benj, you amaze me every single time with your work! I love everything about these photos. And her dress!

  5. Sidney Morgan wrote:

    woah, these are so so so lovely. You amaze me, Benj.

  6. rich wrote:

    crazy crazy good. God bless you man!

  7. incredible. your work inspires me to no end.

  8. Mary Anne wrote:

    As someone who has watched Miranda grow from her childhood into this beautiful woman, you have captured something no one else could have. I see her spirit so alive in these photos. You have captured who she is, and who they are together. Love these so much.

  9. This is ridiculously good, Benj. Seriously, this is tremendous!


    rant: It’s a shame we don’t have this kind of weddings here in Portugal.

  10. Cherlyn wrote:

    Absolutely lovely!

  11. Rob wrote:

    Loving it dude, the ones on the rocks by the water are soooo good!

  12. the best as always. sets by the water are sweet nuggets. *throws confetti*

  13. Jordan Voth wrote:

    Wow, wow, wow, wow. These are amazing, Benj! You’re one of the most inspiring humans I know.

  14. Phil wrote:

    Just copy and paste this comment on to all of your blog posts: Effing solid as always man. So clean, so beautiful.

  15. Paige wrote:

    love this one!

  16. Kristyn wrote:

    YOU KILLED IT. these are so amazing.

  17. mike wrote:

    Beautiful, bro.

  18. Nicole wrote:

    Wow, absolutely amazing! Your work is such an inspiration. Impossible to pick a favorite here.

  19. mathias wrote:

    typical benj haisch awesome sauce. love the feel of the getting ready shots!

  20. Matt wrote:

    I love the tones you used in these!

  21. Vickie wrote:

    totally gorgeous

  22. Lovely wedding coverage of a great looking couple in a splendid environment.

  23. Jakub wrote:

    That, my friend, is wonderful work.

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  25. Justin wrote:

    Such a wonderful gallery, the couple looks so sweet!

  26. Callie wrote:

    I’m in love with this couple! Amazing photos…just breathtaking!

  27. bongopix wrote:

    Your style screams gorgeous. I remember a couple of these pics from your CPC 2014 presentation! Really cool to be able to know a bit of backstory behind the shot in the field with the bride sitting down. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge at the convention. You were awesome and hilarious!