• KLC said:

    These are ridiculous.

  • Lydia said:

    These are entirely incredible. love, love, LOVE the flower meadow ones! :)

  • Wyn said:

    Here i am jusy dying over here from absolute beauty. So so happy for you Alex & Miranda!!! Benj, youve done nebrasak well. NEBRASKA FRIENDS!!!!

  • Anja said:

    Benj, you amaze me every single time with your work! I love everything about these photos. And her dress!

  • woah, these are so so so lovely. You amaze me, Benj.

  • rich said:

    crazy crazy good. God bless you man!

  • Mary Anne said:

    As someone who has watched Miranda grow from her childhood into this beautiful woman, you have captured something no one else could have. I see her spirit so alive in these photos. You have captured who she is, and who they are together. Love these so much.

  • Rob said:

    Loving it dude, the ones on the rocks by the water are soooo good!

  • the best as always. sets by the water are sweet nuggets. *throws confetti*

  • Jordan Voth said:

    Wow, wow, wow, wow. These are amazing, Benj! You're one of the most inspiring humans I know.

  • Phil said:

    Just copy and paste this comment on to all of your blog posts: Effing solid as always man. So clean, so beautiful.

  • Paige said:

    love this one!

  • Kristyn said:

    YOU KILLED IT. these are so amazing.

  • mike said:

    Beautiful, bro.

  • Nicole said:

    Wow, absolutely amazing! Your work is such an inspiration. Impossible to pick a favorite here.

  • mathias said:

    typical benj haisch awesome sauce. love the feel of the getting ready shots!

  • Matt said:

    I love the tones you used in these!

  • Vickie said:

    totally gorgeous

  • Lovely wedding coverage of a great looking couple in a splendid environment.

  • Jakub said:

    That, my friend, is wonderful work.

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  • Justin said:

    Such a wonderful gallery, the couple looks so sweet!

  • Callie said:

    I'm in love with this couple! Amazing photos...just breathtaking!

  • bongopix said:

    Your style screams gorgeous. I remember a couple of these pics from your CPC 2014 presentation! Really cool to be able to know a bit of backstory behind the shot in the field with the bride sitting down. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge at the convention. You were awesome and hilarious!