I can’t tell you how amazing it is that people are willing to fly me overseas to photograph their weddings. When Liz first contacted me, I was beyond excited as Istanbul is a city I had always wanted to visit. So much history and culture.

Liz and Herman’s elopement was amazing. We spent most of the day exploring the city and then having the ceremony with Liz’s parents back on the rooftop of the amazing flat they’d rented. Some days are just magical. This one was no exception.




  • These pictures are incredible! I love how you took them to all different places and had great poses for each environment. Simply, incredible! Great job!

  • Pedro said:

    Dude, I don't care what camera you use or what your settings are. You just rock. Every single image is gorgeous! You nailed it!

    Rock on!

  • Courtney said:

    Love the warm color and tones here, beautiful!!

  • Alper said:

    I love Istanbul and I love your work. best combo, so to say. :)

  • Arek said:

    Great as always - love the postprocess...

  • Oya said:

    This is an amazing photo shoot. I love every single shot. It makes me fall in love with my hometown all over again.

  • benj, you are the man. and the couple seems amazing, too!

  • nirav said:

    remember what we talked about earlier… told you so ;) And the color/ processing is spot on brother.

  • Fred said:

    Good job, man. :-)

  • Ann D'Angelo said:

    You make me feel, and from one photographer to another, I believe that is essential!
    I'm a big fan of your work.

    Thank you for sharing!
    Ann D'Angelo

  • Bridget said:

    Wow. Beautiful photos, incredible location!

  • Shahed said:

    Dude- this is awesome!! Its been five years since I last visited as a young student but sooo excited to go in march after seeing this post!

  • Liz Lui said:

    Benj, thanks again for these wonderful photos! The collection is even more awesome than we'd hoped for. :)

  • Hanneke said:

    Beautiful!! And oh i love Istanbul!!

  • SF said:

    Man. That is what a wedding should look like.

  • Incredible work in an incredible location. Beautiful work, Benj!

  • Kim said:

    Dude, this wedding is insane! I love how much they did together before the ceremony even happened. What a sweet day!

  • lisa lacroix said:

    Stunning work in a stunning location. Thanks for sharing!

  • Killer dress. I love the portraits right after the tea.

  • Justin said:

    Great set of images, love the locations!

  • Marianne said:

    You just blow me away. I am super jealous of this wedding and your photos (and her dress is just too amazing!).

  • Wow, Benj. This set is nothing short of breathtaking.

  • Joseph Hall said:

    Wow - stunning location - a lovely intimate feeling to these photos - great job.

  • caroline said:

    You are the king of originality when it comes to wedding photos. No doubt. So many breathtaking images, I mean this one- this one just took my breath away:

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  • seth goodman said:

    What an amazing experience! These are beautiful photographs.

  • Love the black and white one where she's touching her earing. great tones also.

  • Zosia said:

    Whoa! The story and the dress! Loved the adventure they had together. Sweet work Mr Haisch!

  • Mike said:

    Amazing location, always wanted to shoot there. Great job on the photos

  • So beautiful! Absolutely stunning work as always Benj.

  • Conny said:

    Hi Benj, Great photos! Can you tell me where the pride got her dress from? I so love it!

  • Conny said:

    Hi Benj, Great photos! Can you tell me where the bride got her dress from? I so love it!

  • Love this shoot so much! And really enjoyed the tones and moments with the tea in the middle there.

  • Ruben Nuñez said:

    Really nice! Love the tilt-shift look on the portraits!

  • Absolutely love all of these, amazing work as always, and I love the colours in the editing!

  • Carlo said:

    The post processing complements the the place and also the warm tones gave me the feel that Istanbul is a perfect place for vacation. Never been to Istanbul and I love how the city looks like. How I wish I can shoot on a higher grounds like you. If you don't mind, what hotel is that?

  • Oleg said:

    perfect photography