• Anni said:

    Love all of these, but those nighttime frames especially - so good.

  • Amy Nielson said:

    so much awesome in this post! Love the vintage feel of this couple & their whole day. Amazing work as always, Benj.

  • Jaakko said:

    Love that city view and those pictures from the street!

  • naomi said:

    these are seriously unreal. they are a very cute couple. your black and whites melt my heart.

  • Kellee Walsh said:

    Beautiful work Benj. I love the way you set up the first look!

  • Dan said:


  • Per said:

    Breathtaking good stuff going on here!

  • These are seriously all so gorgeous and well done. I love the ceremony shots and those roof shots...jeez louise! They look like a gorgeous, happy couple.

  • Andreas Holm said:

    Beautiful as always ! I love the shots when they are standing in the window.

  • Stephanie said:

    What a gorgeous venue!!! And of course uh-mazing photography!!! Love the wide window shots of the couple.

  • Steph said:

    Fantastic as always! That reflection shot is ridiculous! Awesome job :)

  • Zosia said:

    All wonderful! But that last bit with the sparklers and the motorbike...boom! what a finale :)

  • Anton Chia said:

    Seriously beautiful. I love all the rooftop shots very much.

  • Urška Majer said:

    Gorgeous photos & love the ceremony location!

  • Joseph Hall said:

    I want that hair - I love the dress - I adore this shoot - fantastic images - great - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  • Love the shot of them against the skyline and also the one of them in the window of the apartment building. Always a pleasure looking at your blog...

  • Wilco said:

    Those window shots are awesome. EVERYTHING is awesome.

  • beautiful photos and tasteful editing, I love your work!

  • michelle said:

    Beautiful work! I love the window shots!

  • Andrea said:

    The best wedding photos I've seen, uh I want this in life. <3

  • Richard said:

    Stunning wedding pictures - marvelously rich colours and those night shots are truly wonderful