For more on this awesome wedding, check out their post on Ruffled®.

Venue: The Kelley Farm // DJ: Tune City DJ // Florist: Lori McCrab // Caterer: Gallucci’s // Bridemaid dresses: H&M


  1. these make me feel like i was there. that’s the ultimate in storytelling. golf clap.

  2. nima wrote:

    like a baws! never short of awesomeness!

  3. Mandalynn wrote:

    Ohhh golly love the molly moon’s ice cream! Lovely as always Benj

  4. mike wrote:

    Gorgeous work there Benj.

  5. Matt Ferrell wrote:

    Amazing work Benj. #eyecandy

  6. Lily wrote:

    Oh my word, this is adorable! Love these photos! They are such a cute couple :)



  7. Ryan wrote:

    your photography is motivation for me to work harder and strive to be my best in hopes that someday I may possibly reach a similar level of awesomeness. keep it up, man!

  8. Amber Hughes wrote:

    Seriously amazing… I love everything about this wedding from the amazing details, to the boat portraits, to the love in every frame. You captured it all perfectly! :)

  9. Meredith S wrote:

    Wow.. you are just SO so good! all these shots are beautiful

  10. Becca wrote:

    Wow, how awesome! Totally awesome wedding and equally awesome photos. I just have no words, hence my repetition of the word awesome. Great job!

  11. Josh wrote:

    These are fantastic made, the colours are just beautiful.

  12. Justine wrote:

    I just LOVE this entire wedding!!! I love their ceremony site! So gorgeous! LOVE the photos as always :)

  13. Anni wrote:

    These are amazing – and so is that ice cream truck! Love this so much.

  14. Emily wrote:

    Great, great set!!!

  15. Crystal wrote:

    My word. These are unbelievably perfect!!!!

  16. Rachelle you look amazing! THe black and white of you is KILLER and so are the boat pics!
    Everything looked beautiful! Also really jeal of the ice cream truck lol

  17. Simon wrote:

    that’s how it’s done!!!

  18. Max wrote:

    Very Cool Man!!

  19. I spy Robbie Cowgill, my friend Luis, and my friends Andy and Christina!

  20. What a beautiful wedding… and stunning photos!!

  21. Jesse Pafundi wrote:

    INSANELY good, Benj. Just wow, next level stuff.

  22. Chantal wrote:

    Benj, you are so extremely talented! your eye for details and rad moments blows me away.

  23. Nora wrote:

    Wow what a truly incredible wedding and you have done such an amazing job of capturing all the details and emotions.

  24. Anton Chia wrote:

    Took my breath away! Lovelicious photos and yes its NEXT LEVEL stuff!

  25. Judy Anderson wrote:

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like a beautiful wedding and lots of fun. Sorry we missed it. Also you looked gorgeous!

  26. Daniel H wrote:

    Another great wedding collection. Beautiful work.

  27. Tyler wrote:

    ridiculous wedding. ridiculous images.

  28. Albert Palmer wrote:

    Such a beautiful wedding – captured with finesse!

  29. ed peers wrote:

    Ouch this is so damn hot.

  30. rahul wrote:

    awesome work!!!!!!!!!!! love the reception & bridal party shots!!!

  31. Sam Docker wrote:

    Quality work Benj, as always!!

  32. Levi Tijerina wrote:

    These colors blow my mind

  33. MAJA wrote:

    Nice work Ben !!!

  34. Jeff wrote:

    Nice Photos. Love the photos in the boat.

  35. heather wrote:

    These pictures are amazing! Any chance you can tell me where the bridesmaids dresses are from?

  36. Kelsey wrote:

    These are gorgeous pictures of an amazing wedding! I was just about to ask the same question as the lady above; where are those great bridesmaid dresses from?