1. rich wrote:

    beautiful shots! sammie is so blessed to have these photos!

  2. Erin wrote:

    WOW! Absolutely stunning shots. All of them.

  3. Katie wrote:


  4. geneoh wrote:

    Great session, dude!

  5. Awesome set Benj!

  6. roland hale wrote:

    Way cool – awesome photos and sweet location!!

  7. Kristyn wrote:


  8. Doug Pettway wrote:

    This has to be one of the best Senior sessions that I’ve ever seen. Beautiful work, Benj!

    note to self: move to the PNW.

  9. Dan O'Day wrote:

    Beautiful Mate

  10. This is KILLER, man!! Seriously great work. Your light is magical.

  11. Kane Strous wrote:

    Great stuff Benj. Completed captivated by the “moment in time” feel of shot #3.

  12. Jean wrote:

    These. Are. Incredible.

  13. matty mo wrote:

    awesome dude

  14. Glen Holdaway wrote:

    Pimp shoot bro, every frame is awesome!

  15. caroline wrote:

    could she be any prettier? benj, you are so SO good. she is prolly over the moon with these.

  16. ed peers wrote:

    High five Benj.

  17. Great senior photos, lighting is top shelf!

  18. Tyler wrote:

    you make me wanna do senior sessions. so good, benj.

  19. Porter wrote:

    SO SO stinkin gorgeous benj!

  20. benj. dude. beautiful.

  21. She is gorgeous and I love her style. Not to mention, the location + the light! Awesome work here, Benj – as always! :)

  22. Derek Olson wrote:

    Simply gorgeous. And that processing is off the hook. Number 15 is probably my fave.

  23. sam wrote:

    benj! gorgeous, gorgeous work. almost too good :D

    I bet she’s over the moon with them.

  24. Joanna wrote:

    Beautiful portraits, Benj. She is so gorgeous!

  25. Fabulous portraits of a beautiful girl!

  26. Kellee Walsh wrote:

    Wow, she’s gorgeous. Incredible photos Benj!

  27. Darren Gair wrote:

    Really nice set, stunning subject, well done on these!

  28. Yolande Marx wrote:

    Beautiful portraits! She’ll definitely treasure these for the rest of her life.

  29. Nobody gets tones like you do man!

  30. Simply Stunning!

  31. Such a beautiful session, lovely work Benj!

  32. Asonov wrote:

    It’s cool! ;)

  33. Sachin Khona wrote:

    Gorgeous work Benj!

  34. Meredith wrote:


  35. Chris wrote:

    Fantastic work, the colours are just perfect.