1. dylan wrote:

    unreal. the after dark epicness.

  2. Benj, wow! Then again, it’s always a wow from you, man. This is gorgeous though. The mood and locations are killer. I especially love the shot of what I assume is the groom’s father with a tear running down his face as he greets the groom after the ceremony. So many feels from that shot alone.

  3. Paige wrote:

    seriously? that double exposure was the best thing that happened to me today ;-) continually amazed by your work!

  4. Igor Demba wrote:

    Ah those last five frames.

  5. AMAZING! so beautiful. if you ever want a 35 yr old mom to tag along with you to learn, pick me pick me! :)

  6. Jakob wrote:

    Dude. That last one. Bravo.

  7. ed peers wrote:

    Just superb Benj.

  8. Dale Lempa wrote:

    I hardly believe my eyes. Outstanding work.

  9. Serafin wrote:

    Totalmente increible.

  10. mathias wrote:

    really dig this one!
    and that last one is obviously nutso as well =)

  11. Heidi wrote:

    Possibly the best bouquet toss picture I’ve ever seen. And that is one among many brilliant captures.

  12. mikhail wrote:

    very righteous work!!!

  13. Quinn wrote:

    Awesome as always, Benj!

  14. anthony hoang wrote:

    Dude one of your finest!

  15. Tomasz Wagner wrote:

    Man these rock that guys blue socks off! Nice work Benj!

  16. Zosia wrote:

    The last images just topped it off beautifully! What a wonderful wedding to get to capture :)

  17. Daniel wrote:

    Well, that last one is all you really need. Amazing work as always.

  18. Sachin Khona wrote:

    Head explosions brah .. so fuckin good.

  19. Rob wrote:

    Loving the stuff in front of the car head lights dude. Amazing!

  20. Mercedes wrote:

    So, so good.

  21. Joseph Hall wrote:

    Wow – awesome stuff – love the styling and composition – a fab set of images!

  22. PJ wrote:

    you are the MAN, Benj!

  23. Åsmund wrote:

    That last frame. Wow.

  24. Zareth wrote:

    Very inspiring work!

  25. Emma wrote:


    Your photos fill me with such inspiration and open my eyes to beauty of love and how a picture can so easily embody that. You are so gifted.

    Thank You

  26. Linda Truong wrote:

    Fantastic set, Benj! So talented! Loveeeee the last shot! Nailed it!

  27. we shall throw confetti in 10 days for this post.

  28. caroline wrote:

    You knocked this one out of the freaking park. Yes you did.

  29. Nashon wrote:

    Its like yessss for everything!! Beautiful wedding! The bride and groom definitely enjoyed this!! Great capture Benj!! <3