She’s from LA, he’s from Tacoma. They now live in San Francisco.
Ron & Gloria are some of the sweetest clients I’ve ever had. From just the couple of days that I spent with them, I really appreciated what genuine people they are. Gloria had a very specific vision for their engagement session and even came up with a title for it. They met at work and wanted to play on that for the beginning of their session before taking some photos around the city. So without further ado, here is (as Gloria titled it), “Friday, Saturday”.

Thanks again, Ron and Glo! So pumped for your LA wedding this summer!
Photographed in San Francisco, California


  1. jeff ambrose wrote:

    nicely done benj, san fran is such a photogenic city.

  2. hugh wrote:

    way to be, benj. i like how you decided to manifest a field out of nowhere at the end there.

  3. nima wrote:

    way to come down and rep SF! glad we had a chance to hang out for a bit.

  4. isaiah wrote:

    dude. yes. great shots! sorry i missed ya! looks fantastic

  5. Rich wrote:

    Come ON!!!!You have so much style – great, great couple too – you guys make awesome photos together. :)

  6. Awesome set brotha! That shot of Ron walking with his hand in his back pocket is pretty darn rad. And were the devil did you find that field???

  7. Joshua Gull wrote:

    Great session Benj. She’s actually got a pretty nice golf swing too. Win all around.

  8. Ryan Price wrote:

    Yeah… these are awesome.

  9. Zach wrote:

    Making my hometown look REAL legit, awesome session.

  10. Nessa K wrote:

    I don’t know how I missed these, but I love them. So much. Especially the last set of her in the black and white dress – they’re too good for words.

  11. Meredith wrote:

    Fantastic work. I absolutely love these. I love how you just hung out with them for a couple days and the contrast between business and casual. beautiful inspiration

  12. Sarah Culver wrote:

    Wow, these are gorgeous, every single one.

  13. Amber wrote:

    What a cute idea for an engagement session! I love the you + me = forever — adorable! I love that there’s a story here. Very cinematic.

  14. Yuriy wrote:

    Benj, these are great. Love the lighting. Too many good ones.

  15. Ilona Joy wrote:

    Awesome! Loving the story line :) Very pretty location, too.

  16. Chantal wrote:

    Dude your tones are killing me. Gorgeous. But love the storytelling at the market… also love that crazy architecture.

  17. Benj, your work is simply amazing – I love it!

  18. Berit wrote:

    Absolutely love your processing- its so sweet! Looks like you got everywhere on their engagement shoot :)

  19. woowwww you are the man! amazing. really.

  20. EmGar wrote:

    they just continue to get better and better! so beautiful!!!

  21. Julia wrote:

    How do you get your photos up so quick?! You were JUST in SF. You gave this couple so many superb photos. I’m sure they’re psyched to have you.

  22. Ally wrote:

    Awesome photos!

  23. mandie wrote:

    these are wonderful! love them.

  24. gloria wrote:

    Thanks, Benj! You are so wonderful to work with, and the photos really capture our story. I can’t wait for our reunion on our wedding day!

  25. aga wrote:

    super solid Benj! major style.

  26. Jordan Voth wrote:

    Awesome set dude! Great story telling and those .gifs are so sweet!

  27. rich wrote:

    I came back to look at this one again – it’s so good I bookmarked it like a boss.

  28. Well done, Benj. Well done.

  29. I LOVE these shots you captured of Glo and Ron! Seriously stoked to work together on their wedding later this summer! xo!