Venue: Henry Miller Library
Event Design: Hello Gem
Music: MK Mobile Sound
Food: Paradise Catering
Flowers: Honey & Poppies
Dress: Jenny Packham
Hair: Lori Huitron
MUA: Rhonda Johnson


  1. sara wrote:

    well I just feasted my little heart out.

  2. Méa wrote:

    You’re killing me.

  3. Tomasz Wagner wrote:

    These photos are absolutely incredible, Benj!

  4. Michael wrote:

    Years ago you were making beautiful music at CCC, and here you are now, making beautiful photos. You’re a talented man Benj. Blessed to have witnessed what I have.

  5. Nate wrote:

    Unreal stuff. Your on another level. Wow

  6. Beca wrote:


  7. Tara K. wrote:

    So beautiful. Great wedding + great photos.

  8. Jason Ball wrote:

    Benj Haisch!

  9. Jessica wrote:

    Lovely as always!

  10. Hayley Rae wrote:

    I am obsessed with Jenny Packham gowns. She wore it so well!!! Amazing images.

  11. Stella wrote:

    Very Elegant and beautiful pictures.

  12. wendy wrote:

    these are amazing photos! big fan of your work. :)

  13. Sarah Querido wrote:

    This is sick!! You are the best photographer!

  14. Amaaazing wedding photos!! :D

  15. Hanneke wrote:

    Stunning work!!!
    Love the colors!!

  16. really epic stuff, the cliff images, just wow

  17. Berit wrote:

    Gorgeous stunning photos! What a beautiful location for the couple photo shoot!!

  18. Stefanie wrote:

    Amazing, you always find the best locations!

  19. nirav wrote:

    So good brother!

  20. Brian wrote:

    Those portraits are ridiculous. Also loving the reception…looks like it’s off the chain!

  21. Caitlin wrote:

    Wow what an entirely incredible wedding! And of course you captured it perfectly!

  22. Arek wrote:

    This is epic set Benj!

  23. Emilie wrote:

    I want to live in that wedding!!! The food, the location, the dress… everything is perfect.

  24. Luke wrote:

    Wow man, that’s such great work.

  25. Meghan wrote:

    Benj this is unreal. your work is incredible.

  26. Fantastic light and some fantastic colors a treat for my eyes

  27. It’s a wonderful photoshoot in one of my fav places in the world!

  28. nasser gazi wrote:

    Really gorgeous pictures. A joy to behold.

  29. daisy wrote:

    i need to find out the name of that jenny packham dress!!!

  30. Linda wrote:

    These are beautiful wedding photos.

  31. Dylan wrote:

    The road and the sunset – gorgeous!

  32. Danny T wrote:

    Gorgeous shots, love the woodland scene :)

  33. Emma Sharkey wrote:

    Absolutely stunning. What beautiful images, what a sensational wedding. Lovely work

  34. Alex Zacharov wrote:

    beautiful work, amazing warm colors and framing!

  35. Anthony wrote:

    Awesome work Benj!

  36. Emanuelle wrote:

    Lovely work, amazing.

  37. Kristi Wright wrote:

    Killer wedding images, Benj.

  38. Amazing, so clean and vibrant.