I love traveling.

Maddie and I just got back from a crazy three week adventure shooting a session in France, an Indian wedding in Kenya, and an elopement in Italy. Before the trip, I bought a Fuji X100 in hopes that it would inspire me to shoot more personal photos. I’m incredibly impressed with this little camera and so grateful that I was able to grab it before the trip. 90% of these photos are from the X100 and a lot of them simply wouldn’t have been made with a bulky SLR.

Processed with film emulation software from my friends at VSCO Film.


  1. Miguel wrote:

    Loved the photos benj, keep shooting with that damn thing!

  2. Just had an X100 delivered myself yesterday (on the same day I see it that an X200 is coming soon. Doh! haha!) for the same reasons as you mate. Hoping it will get me out shooting every day like I was when I first moved out to Australia. Really digging the shots you captured here, especially the Paris & Rome ones. The black + white of the alley (about 10 from bottom) and the image of the Colosseum with the Christmas tree are really great! Fab work as always Benj. x

  3. [...] If you want to see some examples of the original X100′s dynamic range in the hands of a great photographer check out Benj Haisch’s blog. [...]

  4. OEIL wrote:

    these are so incredible…

  5. Lexie wrote:

    Hi Benji!
    Those photos are gorgeous! I can’t believe you did them just with Fuji x100! Can I ask you if you used anything more apart from VSCO film? :) 3rd picture from the top is rad!

  6. Nick Bedford wrote:

    Wowee. I’m selling my EOS M / 22mm for the rangefinder-esque X100s and wanted to see how VSCO made the images look (shot by someone who knows what they’re doing I’ll add). Lovely organic feel with done with VSCO!

    Your pictures are gorgeous and Europe is such an amazingly beautiful place to take pictures.

  7. Sharayah wrote:

    I have a question for you about the camera. All of your edits have this beautiful film grain to them. I am assuming that this is due to post production. But before I assume, does it have anything to do with the camera? My only guess is you could have been shooting with a high ISO to achieve it. But again, I am assuming that it is all do to post production.

  8. Chris Turner wrote:

    Also just got myself an x100. They come cheap with the x100s out, and with the firmware update the cameras are practically the same. It is the perfect travel/snapshot camera. Great photos throughout.

  9. Dylan wrote:

    Seeing these makes me want to shoot more with my Fuji X100 – great pictures! thanks for showing