Nick and Kaleigh are two of my favorite people in the entire world. No joke. Nick is my younger brother and basically my best friend. I’m so pumped for the two of them it’s not even funny.

Photographed in Westport, WA
Some shots on film.


  1. Michelle wrote:

    Just gorgeous. So natural it’s clear these two are so comfortable with you, the images you’ve captured are awesome x

  2. kmh wrote:

    I can get into this. Love the mood in this

  3. Melinda wrote:

    Love Westport! what a great session! They look like they are having so much fun. :)

  4. Tyler wrote:

    such a rad set.

  5. Meredith wrote:

    A lovely post and fantastic images. :]

  6. Benj, these are great. Very well done.

  7. jeff ambrose wrote:

    078/442. perfection.

  8. These are awesome, Benj! =) I love the ones where he’s wearing the red flannel in front of the stones and in the grass – the lighting, the tones, the cuteness… soo good. Not only that, but your brother and his fiance are a crazy good looking couple to boot.

  9. So beautiful. They say that a photograph is 50% the subject and 50% the photographer, and I can see your love for these two in these pictures so clearly. Also have to agree with Nessa, you have some seriously good looking family going on there.

  10. Sally wrote:

    Cuuuute couple!! These are perfect, and I love that her Toms have holes in them. :)

  11. Mike wrote:

    Love this set! Digging the mustache pic!

  12. Joshua Gull wrote:

    So much good stuff Benj, but the hair mustache shot is clearly the winner! Haha. Great work man.

  13. Tessa wrote:

    BEST engagement shoot yet!! Wonderful job Benj!

  14. Andrew Cahill wrote:

    Gorgeous, really love that setting.

  15. Robb Duncan wrote:

    Really nice work Benj, Love it !!

  16. Benj this is some good stuff! Love their style and the location.

  17. These are so great! I now how special it is to shoot your family and I think these are amazing : ) Nice work!

  18. Anton Chia wrote:

    I love your work Ben. Love the ‘mustache’ shot hahah so fun!

  19. dorothy huynh wrote:

    that vid is so fun! great song ;)

  20. Shell Bailey wrote:

    Oh my goodness, so much love. These are so warm & sincere & unpretentious- that may seem like an odd compliment, but you truly capture their personalities in an intimate way. Beautiful.

  21. Lana wrote:

    Very nice and laid back. I like it!

  22. cole wrote:

    something about washington state is just… awesome. as are all of the pics in this set (you talented bugger!).

  23. Max wrote:

    Very awesome dude!! Its always cool to be able to take these pictures!!!

    You did great, are they happy with them?

  24. alyda wrote:

    love these benj. so genuine :)

  25. sonja wrote:

    love the story you tell with each set…must feel great to always get it right :)

  26. Jeremy wrote:

    Congrats to your brother and awesome shoot. It looked like tons of fun!

  27. Brian Davis wrote:

    Holy crap, this is an awesome session. Love how you incorporated the dogs. Congrats to your bro!

  28. Anya wrote:

    Wow. Such honest and true images!

  29. sf wrote:

    Dude. Really good.

  30. I love this engagement session! Love the overcast beach!