My good friend Jay Eads emailed me awhile back asking if I’d second shoot a wedding with him. He’s from Eugene, Oregon and the wedding was in Tacoma. Perfect. It was the first Mormon wedding I’d ever shot or attended for that matter. So phrases like, “just take the ‘typical temple’ photos” didn’t really do us much good. :) It was a super fun wedding with some amazing details. Jay was talking about how great Krystle’s Pinterest was and the wedding didn’t disappoint. Enjoy!

Their wedding was featured on Ever Ours.


  1. Jackie wrote:

    so good!! i especially love the wedding party shots. such a beautiful wedding.

  2. Andy Gaines wrote:

    ACE! Especially those portraits on the lawn and with the sofa – mega!

  3. rico wrote:

    diggin it man. love those shots out by the lake.

  4. Dan O'Day wrote:

    Nice one mate, especially love the dark series

  5. Meredith wrote:

    I find it hard to get creative shots with LDS weddings, but her details are fabulous and untraditional and these shots kill.

  6. dorothy huynh wrote:

    these are breathtaking benj!

  7. Brian Davis wrote:

    Baller wedding and you killed it. Really digging all the cool details and the lighting you captured on the B&G portraits.

  8. Caroline wrote:

    You are the man. That is all.

  9. Melissa wrote:

    Awesome wedding! Great details and those family/bridal party shots are really creative. I love how you captured how cute and psyched they are to be married. Great work!

  10. amazing details! nice ones, benj!

  11. Heather wrote:

    LOVE the shot of her tossed over his shoulder! Way too cute.

  12. Sara wrote:

    Your photos melt my heart, the one of the groom carrying her over the train tracks.. and the sunset photos above.. perfection. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thomas Lester wrote:

    Great job, Benj (as usual). I love that he dragged her off over his shoulder! Awesome.

  14. lindsey wrote:

    oh my god, i loveee this. every single part of it.

  15. Joe wrote:

    Awesome work- Gorgous details!

  16. Tyler wrote:

    dude. img. 11 blew my mind. super rad.

  17. Sally wrote:

    Um, wow… amazing details and amaaaazing photos – love it all!

  18. Hilary Mercer wrote:

    Benj…I think I say this EVERYTIME but youre amazing. I love everything about these. You make me want to get married again and not a lot of people do that. I love all of the details and the bridal party shots!

  19. Chantal wrote:

    Gahhhh! The groomsmen portrait from the chest up has the most gorgeous bokeh… and the shot of her coming down the stairs? Epic..

  20. Sally Watts wrote:

    She is so pretty, and I love her dress. Awesome colors and details, and most of all, how awesome are all those over-the-shoulder shots? They crack me up.

  21. Shell Bailey wrote:

    Those bridal party shots are AWESOME. so much personality, I love it.

  22. Anton Chia wrote:

    Cinematic frames Ben! Seaside shots are really Rad!

  23. souder wrote:

    love the carrying transitions:) great work!

  24. Julia Manchik wrote:

    You got a ton of good shots for being a second shooter!! Such pretty colors.

  25. coler wrote:

    all business man. virtual high five has been sent.

  26. Seth wrote:

    The entire wedding is amazing but I seriously love how well you work with a large bridal party. Nice work. For reals. PS Love those silhouettes too.

  27. Mariel wrote:

    these pictures are all stunning! i love how candid they all are.

  28. You did a great job! What a fun modern take on a traditional ceremony! The bride over the shoulders photos are my fave!

  29. Nessa K wrote:

    I can’t say enough how much I adore your photos. And this wedding is amazing! What a beautiful couple. :)

  30. Toni wrote:

    Those details were phenominal, and your photos were a-mazing. You never diappoint

  31. Josh wrote:

    Jeeeeez, this is awesome!

  32. that backlighting is stunning – amazing…