Not sure where to start with these two, but I’ll just continue to repeat that I was totally honored to shoot their wedding.

I’ve known Janssen for awhile and we’ve been lucky enough to shoot together on a few weddings this year and some more to come as well. He’s an insanely good videographer and if you’re a future bride reading this, you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to look into his work.

Mckinzy might be one of the sweetest people I’ve come across in a long time. I actually shot her photos when she graduated from high school [yeah, now I feel old] and couldn’t have been more stoked to shoot her wedding as well.

Thank you both for being so awesome and making sure I never felt like anything less than a friend all day long.


Big thanks to my brother Alex for grabbing some ceremony photos for me.


  1. Brett wrote:

    Awesome job with the photography! Absolutely beautiful work!!! :)

  2. Benj, you’re killing me! This is soo good man! Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful wedding photos with us! Well done, mate!

  3. Alper wrote:

    Wow, just wow! I just love your work! And that wedding. wooah! Janssen definitely chose a great ‘tog to shoot him! :D

  4. Tambi wrote:

    Benj! I cannot thank you enough for capturing these incredible photos at the wedding. Your work is spectacular and the photos will be treasured forever! Thank you for sharing this special day with our family.

  5. OEIL wrote:

    PRIMO! what a great, fun story in images!

  6. anthony hoang wrote:

    Great job on capturing this beautiful wedding Benj.

  7. nana wrote:

    what a beautiful wedding i love you Both so MUCH nana

  8. Urška Majer wrote:

    What a gorgeous wedding!

  9. Igor Demba wrote:

    On point Benj.

  10. Alexey wrote:

    It’s cool! ;)

  11. Mercedes wrote:

    So full of awesome. I love this set, seriously. The variety of points of view is so much but everything has your stamp all over it.

  12. Jesse Pafundi wrote:

    Stunning work, Benj. I slow scrolled this so slow.

  13. I agree, this is amazing work, Benj!

  14. Zosia wrote:

    I love your work, Mr Haisch! Gives me the warm fuzzy feeling :)

  15. kenny wrote:

    .. the bridesmaids group shot is lovely .. great use of mixing new and old media in this post .. rather cool to see Tudor ( revival ) architecture on other side of the pond ..

  16. Rachael wrote:

    This is amazing work. Stunning.

  17. ed peers wrote:

    You killed it Benj. Awesome work my friend.

  18. David McNeil wrote:

    Love the shots and location before the ceremony and the craziness of the party!

  19. Polaroids = awesome. Nailed it? Y E S! Great work!

  20. Albert Palmer wrote:

    Top quality frames Benj. Really interesting to see some cool crops in there – def spices it up!

  21. Jon Yoder wrote:

    Love your work Benj! You captured the day so well. :)

  22. Porter wrote:

    hot damn benj, those portraits in the window of the house, RAHdiculous. LOVE

  23. Darren Gair wrote:

    I think you Americans use the term DANG!!!! Smashed it

  24. Beautiful coverage Benj. You have captured the mood well.

  25. Thomas Steibl wrote:

    What can I say. It’s not that hard to do one single good image – but creating such a story is incredible.

  26. gabby t wrote:

    Beautiful couple and processing.

  27. Brittany wrote:

    Oh Benj I so love seeing how you see the world. You consistently put out work that is so uniquely you. Wonderful as per usual :)

  28. Danny wrote:

    Why does that song simply irresistible come to mind when I look at these cause they are! Fantastic Benj I love your tones! I gotta come get a mentor session from you!

  29. Dale Lempa wrote:

    Beautiful wedding work. Awesome addition of Polaroids!

  30. mathias wrote:

    really diggin the polaroids mixed in benj!

  31. Benji! You have such a unique way of seeing things… teach me! ;) Beautiful work!

  32. Sachin Khona wrote:


    so good brother!

  33. Love it. Awesome frames.

  34. Awesome shoot, love the Polaroid action!

  35. Obsessed with your integration of those Polaroids in there. Amaaazing. And I love their reaction to them in that one shot.

  36. Simply: GOOOO JOB! ( and very pretty woman )

  37. Bethany Small wrote:

    I always look forward to seeing the blog posts that come from the weddings you photograph! Such great work!

  38. Marco wrote: