MASSIVE wedding party!

I’m not joking.


  1. Jesse Pafundi wrote:

    So good. Love that b&w shot behind the family in the church.

  2. Daniel wrote:

    Killer work, Benj! The B&W frame during the ceremony, with the verse on the wall…. Amazeballs!

  3. Chantal wrote:

    Dude so many gorgeous images in here! And way to rock the largest wedding party I’ve EVER seen. Killlllled it.

  4. Reggie wrote:

    That shot of the family praying during the ceremony is redonk bro… really.

  5. Mercedes wrote:

    I love this wedding. They have such a gorgeous style and you captured their day so well!

  6. Melissa wrote:

    Holy bridal party! You did a great job creatively framing so many people. Love the brides style too. Fabulous photography, beautiful wedding.

  7. J Shoda wrote:

    Top notch as always dude.

  8. Killer pics! The Tilt Shifted whole groom and bride pic is amazing.

  9. Meredith wrote:

    I love this. love this love this.

  10. Mike F wrote:

    Amazing stuff as always Benj! That’s a huge wedding party!

  11. Mercedes wrote:

    Sweet coverage. And: ice cream! They’re awesome!

  12. Jean wrote:

    My favorite type of wedding…beautiful, simple, special. Your work is always so perfect and captures the festive mood of the day. Gorgeous images…I love every one of them!

  13. What a gorgeous wedding party! Loving the portraits…well done as always!

  14. Heather wrote:

    LOVE those portraits! Amazing light.

  15. Sam wrote:

    Awesome work as usual, never disapointed.

  16. shipra wrote:

    You’re a master of portraiture. Loving the vibe of this wedding…and that first look…sigh….

  17. Nikki Bezel wrote:

    Great wedding and amazing photography, especially the light in the portraits, delish.

  18. Josh wrote:

    Holy massive wedding party! Killer shots as always dude!

  19. Christine wrote:

    Such a beautiful wedding day – your photographs of it are amazing!

  20. Sachin Khona wrote:

    Beautiful wedding here Benj! Love the portraits!

  21. Jimmy wrote:

    haha! Love the heart shaped log!! Great job capturing the day!

  22. so, so, so lovely. that is one crazy huge wedding party!!!! i just love how intimate the photos feel, and how much fun they are at the same time. greatness.

  23. adam houseman wrote:

    Benj, masterful coverage man. Really, this is superb.
    Lydia and Patrick, you two look incredible. Congratulations.

  24. Nessa K wrote:

    What an amazing wedding. The circle prayer is beautiful, the couple is gorgeous, and I just adore that they served cookies and ice cream. Love. =)

  25. Leah Muse wrote:

    Lydia + Patrick are so so so cute and you are so so so good. Lovely wedding!

  26. Steve Shipman wrote:

    So atmospheric, beautifully observed. Love the T&S images.