Lauren is just about to graduate from Seattle Pacific University and wanted some photos to document this time in her life. Turns out she majored in Apparel Design AKA Fashion so she’s used to photoshoots, posing, cameras, etc.

Yeah, my job just got 1000% easier.


  1. she is literally too gorgeous for words! beautiful work, benj!

  2. Mike Olbinski wrote:

    Able to pose, and beautiful…winning combo. Love these.

  3. Meredith S wrote:

    So good, Benj. Wow.

  4. Jessica J wrote:

    The light flares are to die for! Plus, she’s gorgeous. Great stuff!

  5. mike wrote:

    Good light, good angles, good show.

  6. Julia Manchik wrote:

    She’s a beauty. And I love that first cardigan she wore! These are great, Benj.

  7. andy gaines wrote:

    Well they’re all pretty lovely! Especially loving those backlit field portraits! Excellent work as usual my friend!

  8. Brennan wrote:

    Great work man! The colors in these are outstanding!

  9. Shell Bailey wrote:

    These are gorgeous! I absolutely love the darker shots, especially in the woods. Her smile is brilliant!

  10. Really great stuff man! Your lady wasn’t lying when she said she was a natural in front of the camera and wow, what a great smile. Lovely use of the sun and great geometric backdrops, especially the funky coloured graffiti!

  11. Jonathan wrote:

    One of the best sessions I’ve seen benj….amazing!

  12. scott wilson wrote:

    wow, so good.

  13. Ben Howland wrote:

    Quickly becoming one of my favourite photographers, Benj. Love it.

  14. Amazing amazing amazing! Also, those lens flairs, wow.

  15. heather nan wrote:

    What a total babe… love her first outfit lots. It’s good to see the sun in those parts! Beautiful!

  16. Kelsie Taylor wrote:

    wow she is gorgeous! she WOULD be getting a degree in fashion …that first outfit is so great!

  17. Teresa K wrote:

    She’s gorgeous!! I love the way you captured her smile.

  18. Naomi Goggin wrote:

    Beautiful girl and beautiful light – you’ve done them both absolute justice. Lovely photos x

  19. Tom Fewchuk wrote:

    flarey beautiful shots!

  20. Amber Wilkie wrote:

    Wow, she is adorable! Nice work, Benj! She looks so happy and natural.

  21. Heather wrote:

    WOW she is gorgeous! What incredible light!!

  22. Mercedes wrote:

    How gorgeous is she? These are so amazing. That light is so sweet.

  23. Sachin Khona wrote:

    Such an infectious smile!

  24. She is so beautiful!!

  25. Justin wrote:

    I love that smile in almost every single picture! :) Great job!

  26. Jakub wrote:

    Awesome work! What a beautiful girl!

  27. Such a pretty session! Love the shots in the tall grass with the sun flare, absolutely gorgeous!

  28. Chris wrote:

    These photos are stunning! The sun flares are perfect!

  29. Justin Blair wrote:

    Every one of these shots are just perfect. She had to be more than happy! Great work.