A few weeks ago I was contacted by a couple of photographers out of Boise, Idaho asking if I would do a workshop for them. This wasn’t anything new as I get these emails pretty often, but usually turn them down because I have so many other things going on. This time though, it seemed to be the perfect oppurtunity as I was flying into Boise soon before driving to McCall for a wedding the next day. So I said yes and was incredibly blessed to be able to share and spend some time with Dylan and Sara of Sara K Byrne Photography. Here are some of the images from the session that we shot for the workshop. Kyra and Donny are actually an engaged couple, so it worked out pretty great.

If you’re interested in doing a one on one session as well, feel free to send me an email to and we’ll chat!

This post wouldn’t be complete without a few photos of Sara and Dylan doin’ their thing as well.


  1. I love the style of this couple. Great photos as usual !

  2. Gedas wrote:

    Lovely couple and great set

  3. Jesse Pafundi wrote:

    This sesh absolutely rules. Great work Benj.

  4. bryan wrote:

    sick! such a great session!!

  5. Erick Reyes wrote:

    love your pics, amazing colors!!!

  6. Max wrote:

    I love how you use reflections and tilt shift! Great stuff.

  7. Amy Mae wrote:

    These are great! Love the combination of tilt-shift images, too.

  8. jsa wrote:

    idaho looks rad, added to the list.

  9. nathan parker wrote:

    Seriously some of the best colors i’ve seen. Fantastic, Benj!

  10. these are dirty good. the color is nuts. man i love your stuff man. man. man.

  11. Meredith S. wrote:

    This are beautiful. I can’t wait to get a workshop with you!

  12. Meredith S. wrote:

    These are beautiful. I can’t wait to get a workshop with you!

    *haha, grammatical error on last comment. oops.

    Definitely let me know if you’re here again!

  13. Simon wrote:

    very cool!!

  14. Jean wrote:

    Absolutely SUPERB. Beautiful composition, amazing use of light. Love this session!

  15. Michael Brown wrote:

    you both are amazing, and its so hard to find the one, but looking at you 2, gives me hope in one day finding the one, I love you both so much!! stay golden!!

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  17. amber fischer wrote:

    Sooooooo good. So, so good. Love the shots with downtown Boise in the background. I bet Dylan + Sara had a blast! p.s. I really love that girl’s mittens. Engaged Girl, if you read this, could you let me know where you got those mittens?? ( :

  18. Donny wrote:

    she got em at kohls!

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  20. dude you killed this!

  21. Alvin Kim wrote:

    Wow you keep impressing me more and more

  22. OEIL wrote:

    hats off to you Benj!

  23. joannegarcia wrote:

    Love this shoot! Found you through Pinterest … glad that I did :)

  24. Awesomeness. Love the shots among the grass – the use of the light in the last set is fantastic. Found you through Nordica.

  25. Murray Clarke wrote:

    Lovely shots, just beautiful!

  26. Emanuelle wrote:

    Fantastic work Benj,
    I really like your style, the color and the atmosphere are really nice, good work

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  28. Lovely work Benj, you seem to get some great soft light in Seattle.