Venue: The Kelley Farm


  1. Un..freaking… amaza… beauti…. gorg… freaking… holy cow.

  2. amber fischer wrote:

    LOVE that last photo. (And all the rest, too.) Rocked that.

  3. Nick wrote:

    wow dude. amazing!

  4. jsa wrote:

    good game.

  5. you are the rain man. if i have a rainy wedding, i want you to shoot it. :) love the combination of their good taste and your great shooting here.

  6. Mark Dohring wrote:

    Seriously awesome work. Love those ceremony shots and the 1shot with the dress hanging in window. Awesome.

  7. glow wrote:

    Dear Benj. This is absolutely extraordinary!!!

  8. duane wrote:

    these shots are soo kif!!!!

  9. Andy Gaines wrote:

    Great set of shots, as always! Insane work!

  10. These are so crazy awesome.

  11. Ste wrote:

    Must have been a togh job with the low light but you nailed it. That’s some skill you have

  12. Tom wrote:

    Awesome job! Watch out for those lasers Benj! They can ruin your sensor!

  13. Jakob wrote:

    So, so good, man.

  14. Hugh wrote:

    Dangggg. So much good light. So much good everything.

  15. Ashley Dru wrote:

    so so so amazing. I want to keep looking at them over and over again!

  16. adam houseman wrote:

    Incredible ceremony Benj. Really excellent coverage all the way through. You sir are a story telling ninja.
    Kelsey and Danny, you two look incredible!

  17. cliff wrote:

    Forget about raising the bar, you just threw it through the roof man. I’d layer filmstrips of that cake smearing sequence and have it stretched on a canvas asap if I were them. Perfectly captured Benj.

  18. Brian Furbush wrote:

    Benj these rock dude. Everything about this wedding wins.

  19. julie harmsen wrote:

    November 12? You are an animal. Such a fun wedding! Great job Benj!

  20. connie wrote:

    tugs at my heart all over again to see these snaps…..great job. it was totally glorious !!!!

  21. Mike wrote:

    freaking awesome. Nice job dude!

  22. mercedes wrote:

    so sweet. beautiful job. i absolutely love the little moments you captured. not enough of a vocabulary to say how much i love your work.

  23. Jonas Seaman wrote:

    Love it so much Benj! You capture such awesome moments!

  24. Esenam wrote:

    No Way!!! Benj, these images are so Good, every single one. Very inspiring work.
    thanks you for sharing your work Man!

  25. Tonhya Kae wrote:

    so good Benj. : )

  26. PJ wrote:

    so good!!! well done…

  27. Hands down my favorite wedding by you- ever. Killer work man.

  28. Jade ehlers wrote:

    Dude, I love the ceremony shots! the white light is sooo clean! madness!

  29. Yassef Selman wrote:

    Las fotos estan espectaculares, pero me encanto el local de la fiesta y ceremonia, saludos!

  30. Jessi wrote:

    I love at most the picture of the group with the umbrellas! :)
    As a whole it must has been an very nice party.

  31. The photos of them hugging at the alter have to be award winners of some kind. Amazing.

  32. wonderful reportage wedding photography benj – the ceremony room looks amazing and the lighting in there is just superb! loving the dance floor shots too…

  33. Kevin McBride wrote:

    So good. Love the ceremony shots with no flash. Man, the PNW seems to be where it’s at.

  34. [...] Photo credit: Heather Forsythe Photography, Alexis Shields Photography, Hawes Photography, One Love Photography, Benj Haisch Photographer [...]

  35. Anna wrote:

    Oh my gosh THEY HAD LASERS!!!!! Beautiful wedding.

  36. Chris wrote:

    Beautiful as always.