Second shooter: Kevin Rich


  1. Raúl Cañas wrote:

    Great moments Benj. All your posts are so special. Congrats!

  2. They look like the sweetest couple! Beautiful, romantic moments captured!

  3. Michael wrote:

    Gingers coming together in marriage, now that I can support! ;)

  4. caroline wrote:

    love the shot of the guy on the couch with the purse in front of his face. so awesome.

  5. David wrote:

    dude, rediculous coverage!

  6. Fiona Reid wrote:

    Stunning !! Absolutely lovely !!

  7. Ben Simms wrote:

    Gah how do you do that?

  8. ryan f wrote:

    such a good wedding. some of my favorite ceremony shots in a while.

  9. nirav wrote:

    You are something else dude.

  10. Matt wrote:

    That girl’s hair is going Medusa. Got a quick shutter-finger there, Benj!

  11. What a gorgeous wedding! I can’t get over how pretty their ceremony decor was. And I love the shot of the man on the sofa with the LV bag. Great catch!

  12. lisa lacroix wrote:

    I love the lighting, and my favorite shot is the silhouette. Aposolutely gorgeous!

  13. Gosh, I love those first look images. And then the shots of them on the boardwalk! Gorgeous work.

  14. Danny wrote:

    These are beyond fantastic

  15. Awesome as always Benj!

  16. Great party shots, love the one of the girl dancing shaking her black hair, also the guy asleep with the bag.

    Awesome last shot.

  17. Shella wrote:

    What a gorgeous wedding (and couple!) – love!

  18. Oh so good. I love the lights on the ceremony brick wall. Awesome coverage! That guitarist looks familiar but not sure who he looks like..

  19. Seriously stunning from beginning to end. I love the bridal party shots at night in the lit alleyway – something amazing I’ve never seen before!

  20. dylan wrote:

    stunning frames. every one.

  21. Lisa wrote:

    Beautiful coverage of a stunning wedding! You know exactly how to capture the feeling of every part of the day, every time. I love love the ceremony lights, so romantic.

  22. heather nan wrote:

    There is something about the bride that is SO adorable. Incredible coverage throughout!

  23. Matt wrote:

    Epic work as ever Benj.

  24. Heather E wrote:

    Damn Benj, this is freakin’ good. Love a photographer that can still rock it when the sun is down.

  25. Wow, low-light magic. SO good.

  26. Becky Young wrote:

    What beautiful photos! I love the way you see people. And I LOVE the backdrop for their ceremony, so fun!

  27. Ruben Nuñez wrote:

    Awesome! Love those lights in the background of their ceremony!

  28. Stunning photos… I love that burning light! It sets the heat in every frame.

  29. Tom wrote:

    Everybody loves benj for his color and perfect moment capture. But i wanna talk about how his framing is flawless.