A few of these frames are from my new little film rangefinder.

Photographed in Auburn, WA


  1. Rhys wrote:

    This is excellent.

  2. Dorothy Huynh wrote:

    first frame. fav. love these

  3. Dennis wrote:

    Super cool session!

  4. kyle hale wrote:

    looks great benj! love 266

  5. Joshua Gull wrote:

    Wow Benj, seriously good stuff. That first image is stunning, and I love the shots of her on the books as well. Great stuff!

  6. Ryan Ray wrote:

    woah dude! kill shot.

  7. Jacob wrote:

    love these dude, wish all couples dressed up like this.

  8. Rosie wrote:

    wow. amazing session!!! love every single image so much.

  9. Greg Nissen wrote:

    Yup, you’re amazing.

  10. Blake B wrote:

    very unique shoot & couple…I really like the last one.

  11. Jena wrote:

    I freakin love these pics!!!! SO awesome!!! Cant wait for you to shoot our engagement photos!!!! YAY

  12. geneoh wrote:

    this is some of your best processing. love the session, benj!

  13. Hannes Uys wrote:

    This couple is a perfect match. Ben you did them justice – great captures!

  14. Love the last shots with her standing on the books – sweet!

  15. Everything about these rock. Your colour is simply breathtaking – keep it up brother!