1. Emily Porter wrote:

    Awesome set! I want to be friends with them. :)

  2. One of my favorite sessions of yours. Killer set of images, man. also – HOLY SEXY COUPLE, BATMAN.

  3. Awesome ! Beautiful couple and amazing frames: j’adore !

  4. Jamie wrote:

    LOVE this set, Benj! Really gorgeous images! Absolutely stunning.

  5. gabe aceves wrote:

    dude, loving this benj. so good.

  6. ed peers wrote:

    Brilliant Benj.

  7. Stunning! And what a beautiful couple.
    Awesome work.

  8. everything from the bare feet in the leaves to the grit on the streets, really digging the feel.

  9. ken kienow wrote:


    I’m chanting your name. You’re on a roll. How do you feel about your imminent domination of the photographic world?

  10. Jesse Pafundi wrote:

    Damn dude, these are incredible. Ridiculous!

  11. jsa wrote:

    love that last frame benj.

  12. Yeah pretty sick!

  13. anderson wrote:

    were all those edited with VSCO? great pics! leaves are fun.

  14. mercedes wrote:

    oh wow. these are so, so pretty.

  15. Phil Chester wrote:

    Dude you’re so baller. Such an inspiration, I know I say that a lot but seriously man, I really look up to you. Thanks for making me push myself.

  16. These are amazing. Great work Benj.

  17. Gedas wrote:

    Love it man.

  18. Ste wrote:

    love these Benj. Something different here from your usual stuff but I like it. A lot.

  19. Meredith S. wrote:

    Oh my gosh. shut up. Your best session ever.

  20. OEIL wrote:

    your color /talent makes me want to quit.

  21. Julia Manchik wrote:

    Gorgeous! Love their rock n roll outfits and where you went with them.

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