“This bouquet is bigger than my head!”



  1. amber fischer wrote:

    That venue looks sooooo amazing! Love your photos as always, Benj! You’re such an inspiration!

  2. Danny wrote:

    These are gorgeous.simply beautiful. Great work as usual! What Amazing venue.

  3. Samantha wrote:

    Simply beautiful! The venue and the detailing are amazing, oh my goodness.

  4. And as always, you captured this PERFECTLY. A thousand high fives to my favorite photographer.

  5. Dale Lempa wrote:

    Well done. As always, love the rich tonality and outstanding portraiture.

  6. Incredible, as usual!

  7. Another perfect job.

  8. Great shoot, that looks like a par-tay! Love it!

  9. Kellee Walsh wrote:

    They look soooo happy coming down the aisle together. Love it!

  10. naomi wrote:

    i love that first look, and have found too many favourites to list. your work is so good.

  11. Per wrote:

    Omg what an location!

  12. Ross Harvey wrote:

    Great stuff bro. Executed with skill :)

  13. Mario Colli wrote:

    Benj, like always you rock. Great stuff mate.

  14. Jakob wrote:

    Solid, buddy. Ceremony photos are wicked.

  15. Anton Chia wrote:

    Those bridal party shots rocks. I fell in love with those pastel blues. Great art Benj!