It’s always awesome when you can tell a couple really really cares about their wedding. Jade and Ryan are an epic example of that. They did basically everything for their wedding themselves. Jade even made her own dress. How crazy rad is that?!

Their wedding is also featured on 100 Layer Cake, so give it a look there as well to learn more about their day.




  1. Tonhya Kae wrote:

    such a rad wedding. that gold backdrop, love. great job as always benj.

  2. Brian wrote:

    Such a stellar wedding. Amazing work

  3. pat furey wrote:

    The king stay the king.

  4. OMG Jade and Rran I love you two so much and your wedding was absolute perfection!!!! Benji you did an amazing job!!!!!

  5. Luis Efigenio wrote:

    Rad wedding. Love your sequence of photos…

  6. Mercedes wrote:

    I.love.this.wedding! Her dress is so beautiful. I love the energy and the mood in these images. So much awesome!

  7. Sophia wrote:

    stunning wedding! great capture!
    Where was the reception held at?

  8. Melissa Shaw wrote:

    Speechless. This is amazing.

  9. ben bienow wrote:

    effin a, benj. effin a.

    also, benjkenj

  10. katie wrote:

    man oh man, this wedding !!! Can I have a redo of my wedding? I need Jade to plan everything and make my dress.

  11. Great work Benj! I’m stoked.

  12. Zosia wrote:

    What a good looking bunch of folk! And what great imagery. Always get a bit excited when you post new stuff, Benj :)

  13. Igor Demba wrote:

    So solid and beautiful Benj.

  14. wow. stunning wedding, amazingly captured!
    always love your work but this is gold!

  15. Dale Lempa wrote:

    Beautiful rich tonality; it pairs perfectly with your documentary style.

  16. Peter Yana wrote:

    Time and time again, you never miss a beat. You are totally worth every dime.

  17. Rhys wrote:

    Great stuff champ.

  18. dylan wrote:

    EPIC. these are perfect.

  19. tom danowski wrote:

    Omy word good job bud. You killed it

  20. Totally awesome wedding – in EVERY way!! well done on great work – really enjoyed this shoot – fabulous

  21. fantastic!!! very,very good job!!

  22. Emily wrote:

    OBSESSED. Vscocam? You have an amazing skill. These are perfect.

  23. Avelaine S wrote:

    She made her own dress?? Incredible. Gorgeous wedding.

  24. I’m just speechless. This is absolutely stunning!

  25. britney wrote:

    Love the bright processing on this wedding and the little gems within – the overhead of the cars for example. Really nice post!