Photographed in Federal Way, WA


  1. Tyler wrote:


  2. Emily Clark wrote:

    I usually only follow photographers whose blog I can stalk via my google reader. Your blog doesn’t work with google reader but I’ve made an exception because I love your work so much! Your senior work is phenomenal. :)

  3. Brian Davis wrote:

    Awesome work, love the personality in these. That 4th one makes him look like Clark Kent!

  4. geneoh wrote:

    DUDE. Forth frame from the bottom is killer!

  5. alex wrote:

    benj these are great, what an idea. i’ve never seen senior portraits like the ones you do. i am always, always impressed by how fresh and reflective they are.

  6. ryan wrote:

    cool set man. stylish and unique.

  7. Kat Braman wrote:

    6th one down makes me think of Atlas Shrugged. love the way you’re using the light.

  8. Julia Manchik wrote:

    Love that shot in the library aisle!! Does this guy like to study?

  9. Branden Harvey wrote:


  10. reubenvision wrote:

    the library bookshelves shot is killing me
    great work !

  11. [...] is Cori. She’s rad. I shot her brother, Jacob‘s photos last year. They’re a pretty awesome [...]

  12. Roland Hale wrote:

    I love these photos.