Coordinator: Michelle Engvall

Florist: Steven Moore

Catering: Herban Feast

Cake: New Renaissance Cakes

Venue: Sodo Park

Second Photographer: Jay Eads


  1. Jessica wrote:

    Ahhh Benj these are some sweet pictures. Especially loving frame 095.

  2. Meredith wrote:

    Definitely your best one yet. Amazing shots.

  3. jay.eads wrote:

    what a good day… although i think my feet still hurt a little ;) and this is probably the best coordinated wedding i’ve even been a part of.

  4. Mark Quade wrote:

    Honestly Benj, your work is totally freaking amazing, but the scary thing is that it just keeps getting better and better!!

  5. Lea wrote:

    Beautiful! Especially love the umbrella idea! So creative and unique!

  6. Jimmy wrote:

    Beautiful wedding. Stunning work. love the B&W shots with the flare!

  7. SaraKByrne wrote:

    the tilt-shift photos of the lighting hanging from the top of the barn are pretty dang swell. Another perfect wedding set from you :)

  8. Ryan Chan wrote:

    Very cool shutter drag photos on the dance floor. Gives the photos some life.

  9. AdonyeJaja wrote:

    Super cool venue, well shot!

  10. mark carey wrote:

    wow- very cool work indeed Benj. Your Flash work is knockout.

  11. Kat Forsyth wrote:

    Fabulous stuff! One thing that grabbed me was the girls posing with their turquoise umbrellas etc, and then the groomsmen pics being in front of a turquoise wall – awesomely done!

  12. adam houseman wrote:

    I flippin love the way you guys see. Your attention to detail, storytelling, use of light, and color is all top notch.

  13. Ryan Brenizer wrote:

    Great stuff as always Benj. I really need a “You’re Damn Staight I Keep Score” sticker. The setting for the photos sets off her awesome umbrella perfectly.

  14. james wrote:

    Fantastic work, love those umbrella shots

  15. Tyler Branch wrote:

    always killin it. well done dude.

  16. Jason wrote:

    Masterful! What can I say that hasn’t already been said? There’s just great energy shining through with these images, and brilliant storytelling.

  17. Joanna wrote:

    Oh what a beautiful bride. I am loving this wedding, love the color, light, framing …. your style is so inspiring and beautiful. great job as always. :)

  18. nadine wrote:

    wow, beautiful wedding. I love just that empty dark room shot. Also, her umbrella shots are wonderful!

  19. i love this wedding. the venues, the colours, the light!! i just love the way you see things.

  20. Martin wrote:

    So many great shots – love your work on the dancefloor

  21. toni wrote:

    that venue is amazing! I think I should move there and get married again!

  22. Cory Parris wrote:

    Nice images at one of my favorite locations!

  23. Matt wrote:

    What a perfect wedding! I love the bride and groom portraits the best for sure.