Derek and Jamie braved the weather with me a few weeks ago up at Snoqualmie Pass for their engagement session.
Despite the conditions, I think we had a good time and got some good photos too!dj-58dj-63dj-13dj-42blogderekjamie-046a1dj-70


  1. Micah Cordes wrote:

    Mad love on that last big pic, loving it.

  2. Kirsten wrote:

    They are all terrific, but there is something I love about the 3 series at the very end. So photojournalistic and FAB!!

  3. rosie wrote:

    awesome! love her green hood and that falling snow!

  4. brett maxwell wrote:

    these are great, I’ve got a snowboarding and snowmobiling engagement session in a few weeks, these make me more excited for it!

  5. kristen wrote:

    These. are. awesome. I went out to snoqualmie for a sesh and learned to not step near a small tree. I almost lost a leg.