I love it when my clients just have absolute trust in me. Danny and Adrienne chose an epic location for their elopement which was a little 4 mile hike. They told me they wanted their ceremony in the woods and that whenever I found a spot that looked good, we’d stop and have their ceremony. Yes, please.


  1. Lucas Mobley wrote:

    Great stuff man!

  2. Quinn wrote:

    The colors in this are so insane. So freaking good.

  3. Jerome wrote:

    Amazing work, beautiful!

  4. Colin wrote:

    Awesome work, such a beautiful set of images, are you using the Brenizer method for some of these? Cheers-

  5. Heidi wrote:

    this is the best wedding I’ve ever seen!!!

  6. Chelsea F wrote:

    Aaaaand another one nailed.
    Love the natural arch, the bouquet, the emotion, the entire setting! Many blessings to the bride and groom, may your marriage be just as beautiful as your wedding<3

  7. Sara Montes wrote:

    So beautiful Benj. I grew up in Shelton and spent my childhood hiking Staircase and spitting off the Steel bridge :) Love it!

  8. sarah wrote:

    outstanding series. thanks for sharing !

  9. Erika wrote:

    I need to go there. Beautifully captured Ben!

  10. dude.. loverly loverly stuff! ^_^

  11. Adrienne wrote:

    Amazing. You captured our day just right. Thank you for your attention to detail and for making all my crazy facial expressions just work. Thank You for helping us have lasting memories as we start a new adventure! <3
    With love, Adrienne Johnson

  12. Nick Evans wrote:

    Stunning. You wield that 85 1.2 like a boss!

  13. Maggie wrote:

    So beautiful — the ceremony location is absolutely perfect!

  14. Ruben Nuñez wrote:

    Love these! What a cool couple to just give you that freedom to choose the spot for ther elopement, and to create these unique images!

  15. John Bello wrote:

    Beautiful bridge shot! The whole thing captured perfectly.

  16. naomi wrote:

    locations to dream of /\ . beautiful work, i love the portraits on the bridge and on the log over the water

  17. stunning work as always. i’m so envious of the west coast. :D

  18. Rachelle wrote:

    Absolutely love this. What a gorgeous, happy couple!

  19. Joe wrote:

    They let you pick the ceremony location!?!?!? That is so fantastic that I really want to be friends with this couple. That is a magical location and these are some beautiful photos.

  20. Bryan Dale wrote:

    That location is sick! Awesome work, Benj.

  21. Just a little jealous of all your amazing elopements ;) I LOVE the shot of them on the bridge.

  22. small wrote:

    Love it all! Great ceremony location, that mossy branch is just perfect. Also, the pink boots are awesome.

  23. rahul wrote:

    what.a.location. stunning!

  24. Sarah wrote:

    I am always so jealous of these amazing elopements you get, this one is so beautiful! I love that you found a natural “wedding arch” and her pink boots!

  25. So stunning!! Wow!

  26. I’m just “awwww”ing :) Just awesome!

  27. Teresa K wrote:

    They were so right to trust you…what an amazing, intimate, God invoking experience this must have been for all of you.

  28. dan wrote:

    These are surreal dude. Amazing.

  29. Thomas Steibl wrote:

    oh man. these shots are so rad. the location is pretty epic too.

  30. Tim Kelly wrote:

    Wow these are so stunning. Your work is always amazing, and this set of images is just so so so good. Was that a bokehrama during the ceremony??

  31. Wow! Just love the ceremony site you picked. That hanging branch with moss was the perfect backdrop!

  32. Johanna wrote:

    This is absolutely beautiful. <3

  33. Josh wrote:

    Beautiful place… Nice subjects…. Good artist… Perfect frame!

  34. [...] has magnificent beauty.  so very humbled Benj sent this over to share.  more from this elopement HERE.  but then you’re also probably going to want to stick around BENJ’S BLOG for more of [...]

  35. Brian Davis wrote:

    Amazing coverage. Love the way you tell stories in such fabulous places.