Two are some of my favorite people on Earth. Daniel is a very good friend of mine and Jessy is my wife Maddie’s little sister.
I was incredibly honored to be asked by them to be not only their photographer, but also a groomsman. Shooting a wedding and being *in* a wedding is just about the most stressful thing I can think of, but I was also blessed to have my friend Michael Rowley along to help document the aspects of the wedding that I wasn’t able to photograph. Big thanks to Michael, I literally couldn’t have done it without him. All of the ceremony images were shot by him and my brother Alex.

I figured I’d add a ridiculous photo of myself in there as well.


  1. jeff marsh wrote:

    last frame is my favorite. perfect moment captured

  2. Anni wrote:

    What an amazing wedding, and how great that you were able to be a part of it in so many ways. Beautiful work as always.

  3. I love it! I really do!!! I can’t say in words how much I like your work!

  4. mike wrote:

    Looks solid Benj, as always.

  5. dylan wrote:

    the white staircase shot.. perfection. Great job on the double duties!

  6. Brian Furbush wrote:

    Dear lord these are beautiful Benj – so, so good man!

  7. Judd wrote:

    The lighting is perfect, nice work..

  8. Kim wrote:

    One of the first weddings I ever shot was for my SIL, whom I was a bridesmaid for, too. I feel you, man. Don’t think I’ll ever play double duty at a wedding again. But you did an AMAZING job despite the added stress and have created everlasting memories for your friends. And I’m guessing you looked sharp as heck while you did it, too. Nice work!

  9. Justin wrote:

    Amazingly shot wedding! Always love your work!

  10. Heather wrote:

    LOVE the location!!

  11. geneoh wrote:

    great wedding dude, I’m not sure I would of even realized you were in the wedding if you didn’t way anything about it!

  12. tim riddick wrote:

    benj. dude seriously your BW work is so dope!

  13. Such a hot couple! Just love these photos. So many sweet moments.

  14. Kelsie Taylor wrote:

    beautiful wedding! absolutely love the bride’s hairstyle.

  15. caroline wrote:

    benj, these are incredible, dude. groomsmen + photographer? no problem for you. you killed it.

  16. Kellee Walsh wrote:

    Awesome work Benj. Loooove the first dance.

  17. gabe aceves wrote:

    benj, as usual, this is beautiful work my friend. ace.

  18. Ryan Brenizer wrote:

    Shooting a wedding you’re in? That’s hardcore. I can feel the love here, yours and theirs.

  19. Very very cool. Well done.

  20. Leo wrote:

    Amazing wedding, Benj, and both of you guys killed it!

  21. Brian Kraft wrote:

    Seriously awesome! And congrats on the family milestone!

  22. John wrote:

    If you didn’t say anything, I would have never known you were shooting and attending! So good, as always!

  23. Mercedes wrote:

    Great teamwork! I bet that was fun, shooting and participating at the same time :) Love this one: http://www.benjhaisch.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/DANIEL+JESSY-56.jpg

  24. nadine wrote:

    beautiful work!!!! nicely done.

  25. Paul Krol wrote:

    I say you pulled it off quite nicely! Great images, great moments!

  26. Andy Gaines wrote:

    Well, it was a tough job, but you pulled it off! Great work as ever Mr Haisch!

  27. [...] wedding. [side note: check out his work. amazing stuff] Since I had JUST got done both being in and shooting a wedding, I jumped at the opportunity to help a fellow photographer enjoy a family [...]

  28. [...] THIS WEDDING was actually the wedding of Benj’s wife’s sister.  and not only did Benj shoot the wedding, but he was also a groomsman!  thanks to his second shooters at this wedding, Benj’s brother as well as Michael Rowley for capturing the ceremony. [...]