This is Cori. She’s rad. I shot her brother, Jacob‘s photos last year. They’re a pretty awesome family.


  1. sarah cusson wrote:

    love the post processing…especially the black and whites! the first few shots are my favorite :)

  2. mike wrote:


  3. Meredith S wrote:

    Beautiful! And I love her hair! Also I especially love this shot:

  4. Alexandre wrote:

    This is amazing, the colors and the light is specially amazing!

  5. Andrew Cheal wrote:

    Gorgeous pics :)

  6. Bryan C wrote:

    Awesome pics, I love the ones where she’s in the evergreen trees!

  7. Tyler wrote:

    gosh dang.

  8. Brian Davis wrote:

    Wicked awesome. Beautiful colors.

  9. Lady’s got a beautiful smile! Lovely portraits.

  10. Mercedes wrote:

    I love these, especially the ones where she’s nestled in leaves. And framed by the arches of green. And the rest of them. :)

  11. Shari wrote:

    OK, first off, she’s gorgeous and second… dang Benj.. These are pretty spectacular.