Man, I don’t even know where to start with these two. They currently reside up in Vancouver, Canada, but drove all the way down to my house to have their photos shot in my neighborhood. As soon as we started it seemed like we became instant friends and now I’m trying to convince them to move to Seattle :)

Spend a couple of minutes looking through the photos and I guarantee that you’ll want to be friends with them too.

Their shoot is also featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

High five, Chelsea and Mathias! SO stoked for your wedding this summer!


  1. Jesse Pafundi wrote:

    Seriously?!? So awesome, Benj.

  2. Anni wrote:

    Benj, you are a master at showcasing peoples’ personalities. These are awesome, and I feel like I know them. I love everything about this session (including their tattoos!)

  3. Emma wrote:

    Jeez, every frame. Every.single.frame. Beautiful fun :)

  4. Christian G wrote:

    THAT is what it’s all about. Great job man!

  5. Nathan Parker wrote:

    Hahaha! This couple is off the charts cool – And you totally blew up the shoot, Benj. Excellent.

  6. dorothy wrote:

    are you for real right now?

  7. Scott wrote:

    These are rad! Good work!

  8. Phil wrote:

    The best yet. By far.

  9. Shauna wrote:

    Ba-nanas. seriously.

  10. Holly wrote:

    These are so adorable and fun! I’ve always wanted to do a shoot with Holi powder. I love their matching tattoos, they look like such a great couple.

  11. Jason Curescu wrote:

    thats amazing dude! reminds me of the color run! so good

  12. hugh wrote:

    this is rad, benj. every image.

  13. Meredith S wrote:

    WHAT!?!? seriously……. this is your best yet. holy crap.

  14. anda wrote:

    haha wow! omg. i was ready to say i loved the cartwheel photo best and then i got hit HARD with the rest. so fun i need to go back and look again now.

  15. Max wrote:

    Coolest session I have seen in a while!

  16. Brindi wrote:

    i freakin love this SO much! awesome job! !

  17. Chelsey wrote:


  18. melissa sabin wrote:

    These pictures are SO RAD!!!

  19. kristi wright wrote:

    Raddest couple of all time? Incredible set of images and love the connection between the three of you!

  20. rog wrote:

    oh crap. i blame when this becomes a trend. epic face slap shots, ha!

  21. so creative. so fresh. and so very cool. fantastic images.

  22. amylee wrote:

    this blew my mind.

  23. Nikki wrote:

    Bit of Holi?

  24. Mercedes wrote:

    SO cute!!! I love it! It’s all about personality.

  25. JOSH ELLIOTT wrote:

    dude! So rad! dream couple!

  26. Neil & Karen wrote:

    We’re Chelsea’s parents and these are amazing pics. And we know the couple is pretty amazing too. We wished we had Benj do our weddding!

  27. Matt Ferrell wrote:

    Snap! Sweet session. The last frames with the powder are money

  28. amber z wrote:

    !!! Completely awesome!! Love it!

  29. WOW! I love your work!!! Just found your blog and these are just beautiful! Love how they’re so genuine!

  30. Mia wrote:

    ah-mazing. these two know how to make photographic magic!

  31. Paul Krol wrote:

    Whaaaaaat!! I just made my wife drop what she was doing and told her to get to the computer and check this out!

  32. David wrote:

    Dude! So good. I’m really loving the “colour fight”!

  33. ariel wrote:

    ridiculous…ly…amazing! wow!

  34. mike wrote:

    #20. That’s the stuff.

  35. igor wrote:

    When you thought things couldn’t get any better. Boom, rainbow happens.

  36. Chanique wrote:

    SUCH cool photos! I LOVE the photos and the insane amount of fun everyone clearly had on this shoot! Great!

  37. Vanessa Voth wrote:

    Wow! Best session ever! You guys look great, Matt!! Can’t wait to see your wedding photos!!! :)

  38. Mike wrote:

    Dude. I am completely blown away. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

  39. Dennis Pike wrote:

    So, As I started looking through this, I was thinking. “Really nice session, I like it” Then, all of a sudden, this one got turned up to 11. This is all kinds of awesome.

  40. This session took beautiful to cute and then a whole new level of fun. Really great imagery, Benj. The three of you are a match made in heaven.

  41. Just saw these when the URL came up through my Google Alerts. These are absolutely wonderful! Couldn’t be prouder of you! xoxo Aunt Maudeen

  42. O hai, this is rad, and I fully going to steal the idea. ;-) But seriously dude, it isn’t a game changer…. it is a game winner… make that a season winner… nay, a league dominator.

  43. Allix B. wrote:


  44. Teri Hales wrote:

    I am in DEEP LOVE with these pictures!

  45. Ally White wrote:

    These are freaking incredible!!

  46. nirav wrote:

    Dude, flippin’ love this!

  47. Tom Fewchuk wrote:

    BEN! who thought of this idea? them or you? it’s.. amazing

  48. Alex wrote:

    Off the chain. Super good.