Man, I don’t even know where to start with these two. They currently reside up in Vancouver, Canada, but drove all the way down to my house to have their photos shot in my neighborhood. As soon as we started it seemed like we became instant friends and now I’m trying to convince them to move to Seattle :)

Spend a couple of minutes looking through the photos and I guarantee that you’ll want to be friends with them too.

Their shoot is also featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

High five, Chelsea and Mathias! SO stoked for your wedding this summer!


  1. Chelsey wrote:


  2. Brennan wrote:

    You ROCKED this set man. Fantastic coloring.

  3. Elizabeth wrote:

    I think this is one of my favorites ever. :)

  4. Mark wrote:

    What a fun set of photos! I’d never heard of holi powder before, but what a great prop to use :)

  5. Shawn wrote:

    I just stumbled on this album through twitter. This is incredible. I’ve never felt a sense of joy like this looking at photos of a couple I’ve never met. Unbelievably well done – this is truly remarkable.

  6. Jacqueline wrote:

    My goodness!! These are (… to use a possibly overdone word…).. EPIC!! I have to use that word because they just are!! LLOOOOVVVEEE these!

  7. Oana wrote:

    Wow. Some of the photos breathe watercolour mastery.
    Gorgeous compositions and such nice locations. Beautiful work.

  8. Jakub wrote:

    Messy goodness.

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  11. Maria Leinen wrote:

    Love these! The couple look really fun to work with and I love the angles and moments you captured during the powder fight. :)

  12. Elyse wrote:

    How have I not seen this before? Wow, such a fun, beautiful, sunny couple! Lovely work!

  13. daniel usenko wrote:

    dang. A million times over.

  14. chika wrote:

    these pictures are AMAZING!!! took my breath away

  15. Emilie wrote:

    Awesome pictures. The photographer is amazing, and the chemistry between the two of them is palpable.

    I have a question for you, unrelated to the pictures…. Where did you buy the colored powder ? How is it called ? Thanks ! :)

  16. MARYRACHEL wrote:

    So fun and creative – love ‘em!

  17. Roland Hale wrote:

    They’ve actually got some pretty impressive karate moves..

  18. Nina wrote:

    Huuuu… I love this one here!
    You do amazing artwork.
    An inspiration for me :-)
    Regards from Germany

  19. kerrie wrote:

    wow…… absolutely love best preshoot i have ever seen

  20. Wow, such beautiful images. Perfectly consistent throughout. Fantastic work.

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  24. Michelle wrote:

    Just FANTASTIC – how fun. Moment after moment after moment. Superb captures.

  25. They confirmed the olders persona living was known to smoke her entire life, ate a significant amount of chocolate every week and didn’t enjoy sports activities. Isn’t that amazing?