Carolyn and Miguel are awesome. Their engagement session was one of my favorites of the year for sure.
This post is a long one, but I promise, it’s worth it. Beauty throughout.

Carolyn+Miguel’s wedding was featured over on Style Me Pretty.


  1. Hamish Jordan wrote:

    That alleyway had the best light! Love it!

  2. Bogdan wrote:

    Great and live photos!

  3. Daryl wrote:

    WOW, soooo in love with this wedding and the photography. I can’t even actually, your talent! If you ever need an assistant in the Utah area let me know, would love to be a part of something like this.

    xx Daryl
    Unlost Photo

  4. rvp wrote:

    love the photos! Do you know where she get her earrings from? Gorgeous x

  5. Karen wrote:

    I just pinned ten something of your wedding photos from just one wedding you shot! I just wanted to say that your work is incredible :) This wedding is such an ideal city wedding to me.

    Do you have any idea what brand of wedding gown she wore? I’m so in love with it! If you can get the info for me, I’d much appreciate it. Thanks!

  6. suzie wrote:

    LOVE it, and esp the black and while (film… camera i guess?) one esp! ;)

  7. Sandi White wrote:

    Inspiring work. I particularly like the rooftop shots.

  8. Barbara wrote:

    Love this photos, all bring emotions and happiness.

  9. Edy wrote:

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