1. like…wow. You could have had just one of those segments and it would have been a winner, but… damn dude. Love em all.

  2. Meredith S wrote:

    amazing. the way you worked with the light is perfect. your work was already stellar.. and you keep getting better and better! incredible.

  3. Tim Sondrup wrote:

    That last shot is my favorite! So good!

  4. Anni wrote:

    This is unreal – I think one of my favorites of yours to date. Those mountains and that light!

  5. Mercedes wrote:

    That last frame? So beautiful. No surprise you wanted to blog 24 hours later!

  6. carly wrote:


  7. jason wrote:

    wow!! so good benj!!

  8. ed peers wrote:

    So good Benj…

  9. Jesse Pafundi wrote:

    Stunning work, Benj.

  10. geneoh wrote:

    wow dude, I’m blown away. Amazing work.

  11. Matt wrote:

    wow dude. killed it.

  12. Jordan Voth wrote:

    Dude, you are insane! Absolutely nailed it with this set again. Great job!

  13. porter wrote:

    holy.damn. benj this session is nuts, so gorgeous!

  14. Jonathan wrote:

    Dude so good!

  15. Whitney wrote:

    Stunning. What an incredibly beautiful couple, you captured them SO well!

  16. sarah cusson wrote:

    holy. cow. maaaaan. i didn’t want these to end. STUNNING.

  17. mike wrote:

    Those mountains…dude!

  18. ken kienow wrote:

    whoa. naaaaailed it! also, those mountains. i want to go to there.

  19. julie harmsen wrote:

    are you kidding me? My favorite of your work so far! amazing Benj!

  20. Mariah Reece wrote:

    Holy crap!! This is amazing. Ever thought of doing a fashion editorial? You would kill it for sure.

    So beautiful, keep up the good work.

  21. Erick Reyes wrote:

    Wow! Everything is amazing.

  22. Jakub wrote:

    superb location!

  23. Chantal wrote:

    Seriously crazy how bomb all of these are. I love how each different location fits their outfits perfectly.. and all the natural moments you captured. cheers dude, this stuff is awesome!

  24. No freaking way! Benj, you’re blowing my mind!

  25. Yuriy wrote:

    These are so freaking good. Love the location.

  26. Holy crap these are AMAZING man! Good night when I get married again I want you to shoot it ;)

  27. liz wrote:

    confirmed, these rock. pretty stoked you’ll be coming to kenya with us this summer!

  28. Yee wrote:

    Unreal. Unreal.

  29. Anton Chia wrote:

    Art. Nuff said!

  30. Caryn wrote:

    SO gorgeous. So, so good. Really. Drooling here.

  31. Daniel H wrote:

    What a beautiful couple and amazing session. Awesome collection here, they must love the photos.

  32. Tyler wrote:

    so freakin solid.

  33. Albert Palmer wrote:

    Every single one of these photos is a piece of art. You blow my mind.

  34. rahul wrote:

    holy moly!!!! this entire set is freaking amazeballs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Natalie wrote:

    These feel so editorial – so full of life. Wow.

  36. Brennan wrote:

    Killer images. Processing is spot on!

  37. Steve Koo wrote:

    This is a stunning set; really nice work!

  38. nick wrote:

    geeeeeeeeze! you a a tilt-shift wizard! I love every one of these.

  39. Kelsie Taylor wrote:

    this couple must have been so fun to shoot! i can’t even stand how beautiful that green dress is …and the way you captured the light is perfection.

  40. Carolyn wrote:

    you already know… WE LOVE THEM!!! thank you so much!

  41. hannah wrote:

    super cool!! I love them.

  42. tobiah wrote:

    so so so so goood! what style

  43. Mark wrote:

    Absolutely amazing set of photos. I’d be so happy with just one of these pictures!

  44. Killer session Benj! The last shot of them is incredible.

  45. DSK Steph wrote:

    I love your engagement photos! I hope to be able to hire Benji in the future! :)

  46. Mindy wrote:

    i always think the last session i see is THE best & then i see another & that one becomes my fav. wow…you are AMAZING!