I’ve been getting a lot of people lately coming to me that LOVE the idea of getting married out in nature somewhere, but just can’t reconcile the idea of not having some of their closest family and friends present as they have their ceremony. I think these two found an amazing way to have the best of both worlds. An intimate wedding in the woods that was able to be witnessed by a small group of people and then some epic photos, of course.

Be sure to scroll through the whole post to see the video that Janssen Powers put together at the end. It’s pretty darn good.


Here is the video by Janssen Powers. It’s incredible.


  1. Camille wrote:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!! My jaw was dropped the whole time. Her dress. That waterfall. So much love!!

  2. Brent Huey wrote:

    Kinda mad you weren’t shooting when Beth and I got married!

  3. Megan Saul wrote:

    Benj, I swear with every single post you make my heart ache with happiness and the want to move out west. Not because of these awesome elopements but I just want to embrace all this nature. This elopement is so sweet. Video is loaded now so I guess it’s time for me to go watch that.

  4. Krystina wrote:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaattttt????!!!!! Amazing. Gah!!! SO GOOD.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous setting and photos! Your friend Mr. Powers, HANDS DOWN one of the best works he’s EVER produced. Stunning videography! You two make an excellent team. God has blessed both of you with amazing talents! Take care.

  6. James wrote:

    Wow even the chairs fit this incredible setting. Beautifully captured benj!

  7. Stephanie wrote:

    Sooo #1. Your images absolutely blew me away. #2. Youre not kidding! That video is pretty ridiculous. Well done to both of you. Uh-mazing!!!

  8. That is an incredible location! Love the way you photographed this!!

  9. Pedro wrote:

    Dude. I cannot tell you how much I love this. This is freaking gorgeous. All of it. And Janssen’s video? Dang!

  10. cass wrote:

    the photographs, the film. all the tears.

  11. Matt Ferrell wrote:

    Dang… wow… unreal…

  12. Taryn wrote:

    Soooo Perfect!!

  13. Your work just gets better & better! What a dreamy and inspiring wedding. That location, wow! You really couldn’t ask for a better spot or a better photographer to capture it. Congrats, you done it beautifully!

  14. Kris wrote:

    The couple’s portraits are unreal!! You’ve outdone yourself, sir.

  15. caroline wrote:

    wow, my friend. truly stunning imagery.

  16. Brian wrote:

    Love how rich and vibrant all the images are in this set. The waterfall shots are so money.

  17. Richard wrote:

    Wow! Now here’s wedding photography with a difference.
    I love the ceremony location with the wonderful green forest backdrop and the natural earth light that it produces
    And what dramatic waterfall shots – a very adventurous Bride and Groom
    A stunning set of wedding pictures and very inspirational

  18. Andrew wrote:

    That’s exactly what weddings are all about, what they’re meant to be about… Love!
    Awesome couple, fantastic location, beautiful photography and what a video.

  19. Darylann wrote:

    This is so beautiful!
    My fiance and I were planning a small, intimate courthouse wedding for later this year, but the judge called me last week and is no longer able to marry us. I came across this post this evening and I am completely obsessed! This is absolute perfection.
    So this may sound crazy, but if you could pass my contact info along to this bride, or somehow put me in contact with her, I would truly be forever grateful. I have a few questions I’d like to ask her about doing this myself.
    Thank you for posting this amazing ceremony!

  20. Girish Joshi wrote:

    Hi Ben, dropped in from Pinterest.
    Great work! super pictures.

  21. Heinrich wrote:

    wow! This is great work!!

  22. Łukasz wrote:

    Fucking Amazing Job !!!!! Really World Class !

  23. Moritz wrote:

    What an incredible place for a wedding. An incredible pictures that you took!