This kid couldn’t be more opposite of me. He’s fast, I’m slow. He LOVES running, I hate it.
I wanted to capture that joy that he has in running. I hope that comes across well.

Shot in Puyallup, WA


  1. Brianna Lantz wrote:

    Those running shots are perfect.

  2. carly wrote:

    . . . {cough} These are really good, Benj. So I’m just gonna crawl back into bed now and uh, you know, die…

  3. nima wrote:

    sweet set bro! track frames are killer.

  4. great composition on those track starts!

  5. Tim Sondrup wrote:

    Great action shots! You captured him well!

  6. Incredible, utterly gorgeous photos again :D

  7. Blake Burton wrote:

    awesome work Benj.

  8. Ben Massey wrote:

    Beautiful work as usual.

  9. Toni Clemens wrote:

    love the running shots!

  10. David Garvin wrote:

    the close ups and motion shots while running are spot on. Beautiful work

  11. OMG these are so intense. so awesome, ahh he is so fierce. i’ve never seen running ones and i LOVE them. seriously, so so rad. you killed it.

  12. Drew W wrote:

    Dude, that kid is ripped!!! Great frames, Benj. I’m loving all the great perspectives. “025″ is my favorite.

  13. Lisa wrote:

    Totally Rad!

  14. Great shots!! Love the running pics!

  15. amber fischer wrote:

    Fantastic idea to capture him doing what he loves – not just pictures of him sitting on the track, dressed in his “Senior Photo Clothes.” Way to take Senior portraits to another level, Benj!

  16. jeff ambrose wrote:

    benj these are seriously killer. love them all.

  17. Dennis wrote:

    Good stuff Benj!

  18. sarah wrote:

    nike print ad material. love LOVE it.

  19. Rhys wrote:

    This is ballin’.

  20. Shauna wrote:

    wow.. super brilliant.

  21. Jenny Wohrle wrote:

    This set is AMAZING. Awesome, awesome work. Your best, yet.

  22. Kyle wrote:

    Those running shots have got to be your best work ever.

  23. isaiah wrote:

    killed it – really really really real good

  24. Paul Krol wrote:

    great stuff. the tones are awesome and the shots are sweet.

  25. reubenvision wrote:

    love all of these shots
    ~especially like the last one

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