Anja is a photographer from Germany who happened to be passing through Seattle last month and needed some new photos for her site. She braved the rain well :)


  1. isaiah wrote:

    these are bomb benj! love sea grass or whatever it’s called

  2. Anja wrote:

    Yay is all I can say! Still love them! :-)

  3. Nessa wrote:

    How totally stunning is this girl? Love love love!

  4. Kim wrote:

    These colors are out of this frickin’ world, man! Love Anja’s style, too. What a pretty lady!

  5. Anton Chia wrote:

    Love the color palettes you paint!

  6. Paul Nguyen wrote:

    Great portrait series. The use of colors is Amazing!

  7. Chelsey wrote:

    Yay for awesome Benj photos. Seriously dude, your processing kills me every. single. time. SO GOOD!

  8. sachin khona wrote:

    Killer frames man. Love her red hair against the blue backdrop.. awesome!

  9. Hannah wrote:

    Benj, I love your work and this set is brilliant. The colours are amazing!

  10. Ross Harvey wrote:

    Wonderful stuff! Love the colours

  11. Brian Kraft wrote:

    Superb! Love all the colors, shapes, and settings that you two explored.

  12. LIsa wrote:

    Love her hair and look…..gorgeous work!

  13. Joseph wrote:

    Anja looks awesome.
    Great work Benj!

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  15. Her name, her hair, her scarf, these photos. It’s a package deal, love it.

  16. Well, photographig another person who just happens to be a professional photographer:) can be very very stresfull but you nailed it 100% I can’t see her anything but happy with the images. You got some cool images and the architecture of the place did wonders for the images.