1. Darcie wrote:

    Absolutely breathtaking guys… I love you both!!! <3

  2. Verity wrote:

    I think you have just become my favourite wedding photographer, this wedding is just amazing. With just the couple you still managed to capture so much and with all the atmosphere. I have always loved the snow and this just makes me want to get on a plane and go straight here! V x

  3. Megan Saul wrote:

    Oh Benj!!! You have made me swoon once again!! Love this! All of it.

  4. anna wrote:

    Benj, your work is absolutely beautiful!!!

  5. Kerry wrote:

    I am the Mother of the bride and the baby wrangler. I could not be ore pleased! Since we weren’t at the wedding, these pictures made me feel like I was there. Pictures are Awwwesome!

  6. Will Kim wrote:

    This is simply amazing! Beautiful work Benj!

  7. Ana wrote:

    SO incredibly beautiful!

  8. Sara montes wrote:

    This is stupid good.

  9. Amy wrote:

    This is completely one of the best weddings I’ve ever seen photographed. Well freaking done, Benj!

  10. Samantha wrote:

    oh my goodness. This is so damn good I can’t contain myself. Teach me everything you know!

  11. sara lobla wrote:

    Each day surpass you! fantastic job. G R E A T!!!

  12. Tara wrote:

    wow! absolutely gorgeous

  13. chris wrote:

    Killer work man!

  14. JoAnn wrote:

    Absolutely Amazing Photos! WOW! Love them!

  15. Kim wrote:

    These are absolutely amazing! Beautifully captured

  16. Fong wrote:

    Breathtaking work, as always!

  17. Very sweet couple and a lovely place. Amazing!

  18. Stipe wrote:


  19. Nathan Gilmer wrote:

    This is so special and beautiful. What an amazing day for them.

    And that double exposure? Awesome!

  20. Chris wrote:

    Wow wow wow. The colours of the whole things are incredible.

  21. Hot damn, Benj. These are freaking amazing. You make me want to run off to the snow to take photos now.

  22. Britney wrote:

    The setting is so beautiful! It’s the perfect example of how awesome a snowy wedding could be. Lovely work.

  23. Oh my God!! This is Awesome!

  24. RADU BENJAMIN wrote:

    outstanding, man. So good!

  25. Steffi R. wrote:

    wow… so cool and awesome! i hope i have a snow-wedding too. you’re a great talent. love your work. hugs from germany

  26. Alyssa wrote:

    SO good, Benj. You made standing out in the freezing snow look like the most comfortable and romantic thing ever.

  27. Jenny wrote:

    AMAZING!!! I love looking at your work so much! You inspire me to be better! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with the world!

  28. Alyona Oborn wrote:

    killer!!!your vision is amazing!!!

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  30. Neil Senior wrote:

    Amazing work! completely breathtaking!

  31. Kristina wrote:

    I love all these images so much! I was wondering if you would share your technique on the picture that looks like a double exposure.. is that in camera or in post? I shot a wedding in the snow and took two images that could possibly work for this- could you tell me the blending mode if you did that in post? I cannot seem to achieve that look! :) TYIA <3