Dang. Alyssa and Jeff are some of the coolest people I’ve met in awhile.
Alyssa is an aspiring photographer and Jeff is blowing the roof off of Christian culture with his insane YouTube videos.
His videos literally have tens of millions of views. Within the small amount of time we spent together, I knew I wanted to be their friends.


  1. Scott wrote:

    Great work Benj! Love this shoot!

  2. carly wrote:

    So cool, Benj! Before I read your intro, I saw the first frame and thought to myself, “I know that guy from somewhere…” And what a fun couple! Beautiful work. :)

  3. Mercedes wrote:

    These are gorgeous. I love the locations you have access to!

  4. Anja wrote:

    Benj, they are amazing! My favorites would probably be the ones at the cliff, but it’s kinda hard to pick favorites at all… great work as usual!

  5. awesome session man. what a beaming couple…real nice to look through.

  6. mike wrote:

    Dig those smiles.

  7. Jennifer wrote:

    Amazing!!! They are so natural in these pictures. Their happiness leaps off the screen. I bet it was an easy shoot. Always is when the pictures just get to take themselves :)

  8. Karmanya wrote:

    really….looks like u both r made for each other….but i cant judge people..or love… the is really gr8..but all of them have smiling would look better if some shots were neither too smiling nor too sad..but hey..thats i want to say,,maybe u r alike from me..:)

  9. Andrea wrote:

    Love them ALL, but my favorite is #6. Her looking at the camera. It shows she is able to lean on him and is safe with him, but at the same time her expression is strong and loving.

  10. Kristan wrote:

    Just LOVE these! Great work! :)

  11. Great photos!!! You two make the cutest couple and I am so happy for you both.

  12. porter wrote:

    his vows are gonna be ridiculous, try not to cry into your camera for the whole ceremony! beautiful work!

  13. ed peers wrote:

    Top drawer.

  14. Avelaine wrote:

    They have great smiles! I love the shots in the forest and the cliff.

  15. Tracy Morter wrote:

    Something very loving and calm about these! Lovely!

  16. Sally wrote:

    I love them all but I’m especially drawn in by the shots where they’re both looking into the camera smiling, traditional-style. They have such a shared happy energy together!

  17. Bryan C wrote:

    Awesome stuff Benj! I love your work :)

  18. Kim wrote:

    They’re absolutely ADORABLE. She has such a beautiful smile and he looks like the nicest guy on the planet.

  19. AdonyeJaja wrote:

    wonderful treatment, and well crafted shots man. These are great!

  20. Amber Hughes wrote:

    Awesome work Benj – love their outfits, the locations and how smiley they are. :)

  21. Tyler wrote:

    dig this, benj.

  22. Benj, these are fantastic!

  23. bryan wrote:

    great stuff as always benj. love the shot between the two trees.

  24. jonny wrote:

    solid work as usual. I absolutely love all of these.

  25. Kelsie Taylor wrote:

    so cute! love the naturalness of these.

  26. John Bello wrote:

    Top notch stuff as always. So simple, but full of emotion. Killer.

  27. Andy Gaines wrote:

    Great work as always Mr Haisch! Their wedding should be something special if these shots are anything to go by.

  28. geneoh wrote:

    Loved the locations, you really did make the couple feel natural. great work, man!

  29. Nivena wrote:

    Beautiful children of God :D

  30. Lydia wrote:

    Amazing pictures! Great idea with the scenery of the water and the couple over looking it all! :D

  31. The Ant wrote:

    Beautiful pics of my nephew and my beautiful new niece….had know idea so many were taken

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