Here are a few quick frames from my insane trip to document a wedding in Italy. Wedding photos to come.blogflorence-1511blog_mg_89242blogflorence-522blogflorence-782blogflorence-652blogflorence-232blogflorence-333blog_mg_0992blogroma-45blogroma-1511


  1. O E I L wrote:

    welcome back you two! hope you had a great time! these are wonderful.

  2. ryan flynn wrote:

    i like those shots of the padre… looks like a sweet trip!

  3. Paul wrote:

    love that guy in the navy sport coat, he’s a real gentleman.

  4. Joe wrote:

    Great shots Benj, can’t wait to see you and Sean’s work…especially of me…because I am kind of a big deal haha…and really really good looking.

    -Joe “too much too fast” MC

  5. Mohammad wrote:

    Noithng I could say would give you undue credit for this story.