1. DaveD wrote:

    My goodness Benj, what a year it was! Can’t wait to see what adventures and images 2014 brings for you.

  2. mathias wrote:

    thoroughly enjoyed that. hell of a year benj!

  3. Tomasz wrote:

    Absolutely beautiful work. Im amazed by the eye and sense of the moment that you have ! Well done and looking forward for more beautiful work this year.

  4. dylan wrote:

    dude. 2013 was good to you, well done.

  5. Daniel Cruz wrote:

    Epic post man! Every shot, beautiful in it’s own way.

  6. Weeli wrote:

    You are so good! One of my favourite photographers out there!

  7. man oh man….I had slow scrolled it. Every image was amazing. Bravo Benj!

  8. Nick Evans wrote:

    So much quality Benj. High five on a solid year!

  9. Ben wrote:

    massive year! really great stuff man.

  10. Benj, looking at all the photos in this post is like being stoned – everything is so funny and amazing and touching and oh, so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing this with us! Respect and all the best for 2014!

    P.S.: The elopement in the woods that gradually proceeded into a shooting on the mountain rocks over the lake (first photo) is not only the best story I’ve seen in 2013, it also showed me, that it’s possible – even in todays global wedding industry, that’s drowning in great photography – to produce and capture truly unique stories, that stand out. And that my friend, blew me away and still inspires me today to digg deeper. Thank you.

    P.P.S.: Nope, I’m not stoned. I’m drinking tea right now.

  11. James wrote:

    Those are some beautiful images. truly amazing.

  12. essie jane wrote:

    I just can’t handle all the incredible.

  13. caroline wrote:

    Incredible dude. I mean seriously amazing work!!!

  14. Igor Demba wrote:

    Love the versatility in your work Benj. Silly good.

  15. This is ridiculously good. You are an inspiration.

  16. Erin wrote:

    wow! all these shots are outstanding. what an incredible year!

  17. Justin R wrote:

    Amazing set of images, Benj! I bet 2014 will be a rad too!

  18. Javier wrote:

    Benj, I just can’t explain how much I love your work.

  19. J Shoda wrote:

    Geeze, what an incredible set bro. How about you take 2014 off so the rest of us can make up some ground on you?

  20. Lori Wiltse wrote:

    Benj, God has immensely blessed you with such talent! I really enjoyed going through these!

  21. Seriously incredible! I will forever love your work. It has so much feeling to it. Can’t wait to see your 2014 images.

  22. Peter wrote:

    excellent work…

  23. Mercedes wrote:

    Hah! I recognize a few of these people. Besides that: such a great body of work. I love getting to see what your favorites are. They’re great and soulful moments.

  24. Tomasz Wagner wrote:

    Setting the bar ever higher, Benj, and I love it. Congratulations on an amazing 2013 and here’s to a brilliant 2014!

  25. Hanneke wrote:

    Perfect collection. Soo good!!

  26. Jason Ball wrote:

    You. These are one sexy curated bunch my friend.

  27. UGH. Benj. These are just too good. you made my head explode.

  28. bloody brilliant, benj. every single one of them. every single one of them deserves a confetti throw.

  29. Kim wrote:

    That was friggin’ epic.

  30. What a diverse and awesome year! All the best for 2014.

  31. Luke Hayden wrote:

    So good Benji. Your work always impresses.

  32. Joseph Hall wrote:

    Lovely recap of a fab year. Great couples, great locations and great photos too!

  33. caroline wrote:

    Only you can make football photos and wedding photos work seamlessly side by side in a blog post. Also, this image, I just die: http://www.benjhaisch.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/BENJHAISCH-2013-010.jpg

  34. Wow Benj, you had an amazing year! The woodsy elopement was probably my fav ever from you. Keep killing it!

  35. Rob wrote:

    Dude that was some year, really love the mix too with the football stuff as well as all the weddings. You make me feel the need to lift my game :)

  36. wendy wrote:

    I love your work! its amazing! your a big inspiration to what i want to be like as a photographer

  37. Ruben Nuñez wrote:

    What a year! Absolutely gorgeous work. Wishing you an even better 2014!