A HUGE thanks to all of my 2010 clients! It still blows my mind that I can pay my mortgage from photography.
Here’s to all that happened in 2010 and all the things to come in 2011!

Photographed in Auburn, Puyallup, Seattle, Tacoma, California, Hawaii, Luxembourg, & Haiti


  1. kyle hale wrote:

    Solid Benj. Thanks for sharing with us in 2010.

  2. Caroline Anne wrote:

    This is one awesome epic post. Congrats to a great year!

  3. jeff marsh wrote:

    you had a killer year!

  4. Kai Heeringa wrote:

    You did have a great year. I share your sentiment about paying the mortgage with photography. I look forward to seeing your 2011 work.

  5. Greg Nissen wrote:

    Amazing Benj!! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do in 2011

  6. Benj, you’ve been soooo inspiring!! all the best in 2011 and hope you have time to post more and more awesome pics and maybe videos :)

  7. Dude. You’re like some kind of bad ath or thomething.

  8. jeff ambrose wrote:

    such a solid 2010 set. can’t wait for the 2011 version.

  9. OEIL wrote:

    congrats on a great year, Benj! amazing work, here’s to 2011!!!

  10. hugh wrote:

    +1 for mr. beelmuffin. thrthly.

  11. ken kienow wrote:

    i should clarify that i mean “wow” as in “wow i’m amazed” and not “wow” as in “world of warcraft” or something.

  12. Blake Burton wrote:

    Love the “Z” shot with the ramps. its been a pleasure following your work this year, best of luck in 2011.

  13. cole wrote:

    damn what an awesome year! the olympics were a gong show glad you took it in! good luck with the next year and hope we cross paths!

  14. lonniewebb wrote:

    Benj – Awesome images, so stoked i came across your work this year. Love everything. Cant wait to see what 2011 holds!

  15. Jordy wrote:

    awesome overview

  16. ed peers wrote:

    Awesome Benj. The best is yet to come…

  17. Paul Krol wrote:

    keep up the good work, Benj. Looking fwd. to what 2011 has to offer from your camera(s).

  18. Melissa wrote:

    You rock.

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  20. Sally Watts wrote:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous!
    Love them all, but my absolute faves are the wedding party posed up the ramp and the candid of the bride and groom smiling/laughing at each other. Great stuff!

  21. Julia wrote:

    Your best year. And not just cuz we’re in there. :)

    You got serious talent.

  22. Joshua Gull wrote:

    So much awesome work in here Benj. You killed 2010. Can’t wait to see you do the same in 2011.

  23. Poser wrote:

    Looks like you had one awesome year man.
    That bridal party shot with the different levels freaked me out.

    I pray Father blesses you with a 2011 that is full of passion and adventure bru.


  24. Bryan Rupp wrote:

    BenJ, you so rocked it this year man, so great looking through your work, it’s all so fantastic. I’m finally getting time to get back on blogs and yours was one of the first I came to for a little inspiration. Hope life is really well for you man.

  25. amber fischer wrote:

    Incredible images from 2010. Love your work. And completely wish that I was in that 2nd photo down (with the bride + groom, space needle)… I want to hang that in my home.

    Happy 2011!

  26. rad recap. well done sir. so much great portraiture.

  27. What a great post!!! Somehow I missed this one… your eye, your vision, is so… true. Raw. Emotional. Artistic. I love it! And totally digging the new blog. much love.

  28. Matt Tov wrote:

    Wow, some fantastic shots. Looks like you had a busy year and I’ve no doubt 2011 will be just as busy for you with pictures like these

  29. just stumbled across your website & glad i didn’t just go to bed as planned. Beautiful, original, inspiring work. And congratulations on an amazing year. I’m looking forward to watching 2011 unfold for you. Thank you.

  30. You do incredible, unique and beautiful work!

  31. That was truly amasin year for you. Ben, I`m sure you will show us even more interesting stuff in 2011.

  32. David Moore wrote:

    Looks like you had a pretty good year hey! Just found your blog though another photog friend. Very inspiring work Benj.

  33. Aga PhotoTOM wrote:

    OMG Benj, they’re all absolutely ACE but the last one makes me dizzy. Top notch work!

  34. Aga PhotoTOM wrote:

    …I meant dizzy of jealousy, takes my breath away type of dizzy! :)

  35. Cool pics!! Why shouldnt you be able to pay your mortgage selling this stuff?? Its awesome

  36. Chris Turner wrote:

    Love the fireworks shot. Perfect.

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